Beach Resort In Asia

El Galleon – A premier Beach Resort in Asia.

If you are looking for a good quality beach resort in Asia that won’t break the bank you found the right page. We have been established for over twenty five years providing relaxing beach holidays to people from all over the world.

The Philippines is made up entirely of islands and it is estimated there are more than 10,000 islands here, so it is hardly surprising that there are many beach resorts in the Philippines. Indeed some of the finest beach resorts in Asia are to be found here.

There are very good reasons to pick the Philippines for a beach vacation.
Firstly the climate. Unlike most of the world there is no Winter in the Philippines. This is born out by the fact that the sea temperature here is a constant 25 – 28C.

Cost. This is almost always a factor when looking for somewhere to spend your vacation and you will probably be surprised to learn that whilst we are a 5 Star beach resort our rooms start from as little as $59 a night.

We are situated smack in the middle of a Marine Reserve created by the Philippines Government, so if you like to swim, snorkel or scuba you will see lots and lots of interest.

Whilst the vast majority of people coming to our resort want a beach holiday there is lots to do here besides laying on the beach.

The Philippine people are famous the world over for their happy and helpful disposition and within a ten minute stroll along the beach you will find restaurants to suit all nationalities and tastes as well as live music venues and discos.