Beach Resort In the Philippines

El Galleon Beach Resort in the Philippines.

The Philippines has become one of the premier locations for holiday makers in the past few years and with very good reason. You could put it down to just a handful of things you will find here. Cost, Weather, Water, Safety.

The cost of a vacation in the Philippines.

The general cost of living here in the Philippines is low. For example a budget room in the El Galleon beach resort, which is a premier resort, starts at just $56 per night. The cost of a San Miguel beer in a quality establishment like our Point Bar is in the order of $1.20

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The weather in our Philippine resort..

Whilst the Philippines is not unique in this respect we only have two seasons. The Wet Season and the Dry season., The Wet Season starts in June and continues until October. The El Galleon resort is situated about 70 miles south of Manila and has a unique weather system. Rather like Cammelot, in the rainy season, when it does rain, it usually rains at night.

Water in Puerto Galera, here in the Philippines.

The seawater temperature at our resort is a constant 25 – 27C all year round. We are a beach resort situated in the middle of a gentle Pacific current called the Verde Island Passage. This current starts in the mid Pacific and drifts down and right past the El Galleon beach resort bringing high levels of both oxygen and nutrients which feed the marine life. Indeed the entire area off the El Galleon resort is a protected marine reserve. This makes us incredibly popular with both snorkelers and scuba divers.