Into the Black!

“It’s the greatest migration on earth and it happens every night, right in front of you!”

Scott “Gutsy” Tuason

Asia Divers is diving into the black. We’ve all had training from one of the best and well known Blackwater photographers in the Philippines, Scott “Gutsy” Tuason, along with Vanessa Vergara and Bryan Nazareno from Squires Bingham Sports. They were here to show us the ropes and get us all set up for this venture into the dark side.

blackwater diving puerto galera asia divers

We’ve already discovered that it is an entirely new cast of characters coming to life, all very mysterious but exciting really. Suspended in the pitch black we hovered over a depth of 160 meters in the Verde Island Passage awaiting for the show to begin. Sensational, alien-like creatures of the deep rose to the surface to feed and breed. Our blackwater dives in the Verde Island Passage did not disappoint us. Along with lots of weird and wonderful jellys, squids, salps we got to see a paper nautilus and a pelagic sea snake.

blackwater diving with Asia Divers Puerto Galera
The Asia Divers team getting Blackwater trained.

We now have all of the equipment needed and are trained on how to look after our divers who are doing these dives, so give us a shout if you’re interested to try it out!

Check out these cool photos from Gutsy that he took on the dives her did here with us.

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This is a paper nautilus is by Arthur Nash. He took this on his second ever black water dive using an Olympus TG-3 with no strobe.

blackwater diving puerto galera

Blackwater Diving Rates

US$80 per person