The Best Diving in The Philippines

This can mean so many different things to different people.

Some will be interested in the marine life found around the coast, others may want to wreck dive, or cave dive.

Then there are those who want to extend their diving with the use of Nitrox or even get to use recreational Trimix.

Let us then give you a quick overview as to why we pick certain places and not others when we decide what represents the best diving in the Philippines.

Resort based diving in the Philippines.

The most famous area for diving in the Philippines is Puerto Galera which lies some seventy miles South of Manila. There are two main reasons why this area has become so incredibly popular with divers are these. Firstly, because of an ocean current called The Verde Island Passage. This current starts way out in the Pacific ocean and drifts in a South Easterly direction past Puerto Galera.

The Verde Island Passage brings nutrient rich and highly oxygenated water to the area making the abundance and variety of marine life here almost unparalleled anywhere in the world. You can see literally 60% of all the known fish species in the world off Puerto Galera.

The other thing that makes Puerto Galera some of the best diving there is, is that the Philippine Government realized some twenty years ago that the waters of the Verde Island Passage had created a unique area of corals and beauty. They therefore made the entire area round the resorts in Puerto Galera a marine reserve. That reserve exists to this day and is very well tended and respected.

philippines scuba diving

Liveaboard diving in the Philippines.

Because diving has become so incredibly popular here there are quite a few liveaboards and you could pick a liveaboard for your entire vacation, but most people tend to start their vacation at a shore based diving resort and then join a liveaboard for a few days.

The best wreck diving in the Philippines.

World war two saw some major action in an area called Coron and here you will be able to dive a wide variety of wrecks at a variety of depths.

With the sea temperature at a constant 25 – 27 C all year round we wear wet suits for protection, not from the cold but to prevent occasional scratching from the abundant corals. Indeed it is a fact that the waters here have a greater variety of coral types than even the Great Barrier reef.

diving philippines puerto galera

The best cave diving.

Different people will give different answers as to the best cave diving but I would like to suggest an area round the Apo Reef and in Particular the Cathedral Cave.

Apo Reef is actually the second largest coral reef in the world and the underwater views can be said to be truly awesome.

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Whatever you decide is the best diving in the Philippines for you, we hope you have a lovely time here.

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