Welcome to Tech Asia

Technical Diving in the Philippines and Asia

Tech Asia is a unique facility providing quality courses, diving, and support for Technical Diving at all levels, from simple Nitrox, to full Trimix and more. We also support Wreck and Cave diving, both locally and with international expedition level travel.

At Tech Asia we understand that your enjoyment, safety and welfare as a diver will stem very much from the the training that you receive. Here in Puerto Galera in the Philippines we focus on making your courses thorough, challenging and tailored to your individual needs and capabilities. You will never be rushed through your education; you’ll receive our fullest attention both during, and after your courses.

Here at Tech Asia we run both TDI and IANTD and PADI courses at Nitrox and Trimix levels. These courses are tailored to your diving experience and ability. So, if you want to take your diving to a new level take a look at our courses today.

Our staff are TDI Instructors through to both Advanced Trimix and Wreck, have IANTD Instructor Trainer qualifications up to Trimix and Technical Wreck, and can offer PADI programs through to Tec Trimix. GUE Instructors frequently use the facility to run their courses and to dive.

Tech Diving Courses