Scuba Diving

Puerto Galera offers some of the best recreational scuba diving in the world and El Galleon Beach Resort provides the ideal base from which to do it. Our dive center is operated by Asia Divers, a PADI Career Development Center, the largest and most professional scuba diving school in the area.

Qualified scuba divers can enjoy over 40 dive sites and further their scuba certification to all levels.

Beginners can take an introduction to SCUBA or full PADI Open Water Diver course – either way, they will be under the expert supervision of our divemasters and dive instructors at all times. Courses are taught with the latest PADI materials and available in several languages.

Asia Divers at the end of the pier under the Point bar, offer at least five scheduled dives as day, usual times are *:00am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 4:00pm and 6:00pm(night) with a choice of sites at each time. Diving on air or nitrox is available, with training from Bubblemaker (for kids) right through to instructor level.

If you would like a video to take home of your underwater experience just let us know and we can arrange it for you.


Puerto Galera has some of the best snorkeling due to the mangrove areas of Puerto Galera. The currents are one thing you need to be aware of as Puerto Galera has a two to two and half meter tidal system that can cause the water to run as fast as 6 knots, and that is fast! Always ask an instructor or Divemaster for details of how fast the currents are running, and where you should enter and exit the water when snorkeling. Don’t be put off by these currents because there are long periods of the day when there is no current. The coral life is one of the main reasons people come to Puerto Galera and you should not leave without seeing them first hand. Ask at the dive shop for advice and if you need to hire any equipment.

Trail Biking / Dune Buggy

There are many trails you can take but be aware that what you think is a trail may turn out to be someone’s land. We suggest staying on the roads. There are plenty of dirt roads and we’re more than happy to draw maps and give suggestions on where to go. If its beaches or mountains, we can put you on the right track. Just ask at the front desk or go to the hire shops in Sabang. A final word of warning — caution is necessary as the local jeepneys have tendency to drive on both sides of the road, not leaving much room for you.


There are literally hundreds of trails around Puerto Galera. You could easily just start walking from El Galleon Beach Resort and soon you would find a trail that could very well take you to some of the most beautiful places in and around Mindoro. We can offer advice so do ask. There is something for everyone from gentle walks to exploring the jungle. We can supply you with a guide to ensure you see the best if you prefer.

Hash House Harriers

The Puerto Galera HHH gets together every Saturday 3:00pm afternoon outside Captain Gregg’s in Sabang. The HHH are group of runners that like to drink and have fun. It’s a family affair, so they say! And it’s a totally different way to see Puerto Galera. Some of the runs (or walks) take you to places that as a tourist would never discover. The run works like this: there is a “Hare”(someone that sets the run with the chalk and paper); the Hare will set two courses (one for the runner’s course and end up at the “On On”. The “On On” is a place that picked by the Hare, it could be anywhere, a pub, a scenic clearing in a field, a beach or a hilltop. At the ‘”On On” the Grand master will call people that are on their first run or walk to come forward and introduce themselves. There they will be and given an orientation to the HHH – enjoy!

Extreme Sports

Visiting Extreme Sports Philippines is a fun thing to do in Puerto Galera. Their Adventure Park in Sto Nino is a one-stop for all adrenaline junkies! They are offering a wide variety of exciting activities and adventures to keep visitors of all ages entertained all day long.

If you are after activities like target shooting, they are offering target shooting with Air guns and real Crossbows. If you like activities like competitive team shooting sports, they have Paintball in a tropical Paintball field, and Archery Tag games which are another fun activity you can enjoy with family and friends. If motorsport activities turn you on, you have choices of go-kart racing, ATV and Mud Kart in their off-read track.

Please just let us know that you would like to go there and we will organize this for you.

Sunset Cruise / Beach Hopping

We can arrange private trip for you on our 60foot bangka or ask our instructors if there are scheduled trip that you can join. Either stop at White beach for a game of volleyball or a BBQ, or just enjoy a beer cruising around or head down to Talipanan beach for a great large Italian pizza at Lucca’s till the sun goes down.

Dining Out

Possibly some people’s favorite activity of the day is eating out. There are number of good restaurants on the beaches of Big Lalaguna, Small Lalaguna and Sabang. Please feel free to ask us for guidance when deciding where to go. We will be happy to recommend some excellent places (apart from our own restaurant of course!!).

Motor Biking Puerto Galera

Motor Biking: now we’re talking adventure! The island of Mindoro is very large and you can literally get lost on this big island. There are many trails you can take but be aware some of the local people find it hard to accept motorbikes being driven through their front land and it’s very hard to tell just where their front land is! So try and stay on the roads. There are plenty of dirt roads and we’re more than happy to draw maps and give suggestions on where to go.