Tours and Trips

Tamaraw Falls / Tukuran River

Ready for adventure? The Tamaraw Falls / Tukuran River take you to two to three hours trekking and viewing some of the best scenery Puerto Galera has to offer! This trekking is for the young and adventurous. There you’ll gear up and start our trek through some wonderful rice fields, venturing through rivers to the final destination where lunch will be prepared, while you cool off in the river and enjoy the tranquility. This tour will take you to a truly wonderful place that will make your day. One not to be missed.

Mangyan Village Tour

The Mangyan people are the indigenous people of Mindoro. Take the Mangyan Village Tour and meet the Mangyan in their almost-original loincloth environment, we would be happy to organize it for you.

This village was founded by philanthropist Jaime Zobel de Ayala and his wife Donya Bea in the 90s, and today it provides shelter and sustenance to many Iraya-Mangyan families who have been re-settled here (“Mangyan” is a collective name for the native people of Mindoro)

Jungle Zipline

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Puerto Galera peninsula all the way out to Verde Island and beyond, as well as the thrill of the adrenaline rush as you swoop down the zipline over the jungle canopy.

Experience the thrill of riding a 610 meter zipline from Ponderosa to Green Mountain!

Ponderosa Golf Course

Ponderosa Golf and Country Club is just an hour from El Galleon Beach Resort. Ask our front desk to book you in on a ride to the mountain area of Ponderosa – 450m. above sea level. The Golf Course consists of 9-holes that offer one of the most breath taking views anywhere in Puerto Galera. If you don’t play golf it is still worth the trip for the views over Puerto Galera Bay, the Verde Island Passage all the way to Batangas and Lubang Island. Cold drinks and food are available at the clubhouse.

Tukuran River Trek

Tukuran Falls is a series of gentle cascades and turquoise-toned swimming holes accessed from the village of Calsapa, about 45 minutes south of Puerto Galera. They are refreshing and photogenic, but go early in the morning or late in the day to avoid the tour vans that frequent the place, thanks to a newly sealed access road to the trailhead.

Sunset Cruises

Are you ready to see some of the best sunsets in the World? Our Sunset Cruise departs El Galleon Beach Resort at around 4:30pm, with loads of beer and soft drinks. We’ll take a wonderful ride through the Puerto Galera harbor and follow the coastline to White Beach. Then, it’s pizza on the beach or maybe a beach BBQ?

The El Galleon Sunset Cruise a wonderful way to meet people and enjoy the end of another beautiful day.