Health care advice

The staff and management of El Galleon and Asia Divers welcome you to the Philippines, and we hope you have a fantastic stay with us. We hope that this advice will help prevent health problems that could make your stay less enjoyable. In the tropics illness and infections can develop rapidly, and take much longer to clear up, so prevention is the key to a healthy holiday.

Covid-19 health reminders

  • No sharing ig food or any personal or non-personal belongings;
  • Proper disposal of used PPE;
  • Mingling with occupants of other rooms are not encouraged
  • Practice of proper handwashing etiquette/hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and proper use of face mask; and
  • Strict observance of Physical distancing


We recommend use of: sun protection factor 15+ sunscreen, a sunhat and t-shirt if you are

  • in direct sunlight in the middle of the day
  • on a boat, even if you are in the shade, or it’s a cloudy day
  • snorkeling, or doing outdoor activities


  • You should be drinking at least 5 litres of water a day, more if you are diving
  • It is safest to drink bottled drinking water.

Stomach upsets

  • Eat in reputable restaurants only — ask our staff for recommendations
  • Always wash or peel fruit
  • lmmodium and other such medicines are available

Cuts and scrapes

These can be prevented by always wearing footwear and a full wet suit when diving. Be careful any open wound must be taken seriously!

  • Clean the wound with alcohol and iodine solutions
  • Put on a waterproof dressing if diving, or loose dressing if not
  • Use antibiotic cream. (Bactroban is the brand available here.)
  • If swelling, redness or any sign of infection shows, see a doctor

Ear infections

  • Rinse your ears out with fresh, clean water after diving, swimming or snorkeling
  • Do not put cotton buds or anything else into your ear — the skin in there is easily damaged
  • If your ear feels “wet” or itchy you can use isopropyl alcohol to rinse out the ear canal
  • If you have an infection or any pain, see a doctor immediately

How to get medical help

El Galleon staff can arrange for you to see a doctor while First Aid is available in the front desk and the dive shop. Doctors are on call 24 hours a day in Sabang.