Resort Information

Safety deposit boxes

Safety deposit boxes are available for your security. It is impossible for the management to guarantee total safety for your valuables when you’re not in your room. This is why we ask you to please not leave things to chance and use the safety deposit boxes. As the old saying goes “people can resist almost everything except temptation”, so please don’t tempt fate.


Please have consideration for others in the resort. Your TV is for your enjoyment…others would rather not hear it in their room

No room service

Sorry, our staff is limited therefore we can’t always provide room service. However if we are not busy, and it’s breakfast in bed you’re after, we will do our best to provide it.


We are a family friendly resort and welcome children. We can help to organize a nanny (yaya) so you can take some time for yourselves if you wish. Our staff does keep an eye on kids when they are in the resort but please make sure that children are supervised by an adult, especially when they are in the pool or playing on the beach.

Here to help you

If you have any problems or difficulties during your stay please do let us know right away. We can’t help you, or solve them unless we know that there is a problem. There’s nothing worse at the end of a guests’ stay than hearing about a problem which we could have corrected right at the start.