Emergency First Response (EFR) courses

Emergency First Responder

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Emergency First Response® (EFR®)

Gain the Confidence to Care

Earn your CPR certification and learn basic first aid in a fun, non-stressful learning environment. You’ll practice bandaging, illness and injury assessment, and other essential skills that could save the life of someone you care about.

Gain confidence in your abilities through hands-on practice, and learn how to remember what steps to take in an emergency.


Minimum Age: None

Duration: 4 hours (2 hours for recertification)

Prerequisites: Anyone interested in learning emergency care may attend

Price:$ 176.00$ 116.00 for re-certification


Through a combination of knowledge development and hands-on skill practice, you’ll learn how to identify and respond to life-threatening emergencies (primary care). Learn how to identify a stroke, handle a spinal injury, administer CPR and gain other essential lifesaving skills.

During the secondary care part of the course, you’ll learn how to handle injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life-threatening. Learn how to bandage and splint injuries, burn care, what to do following an animal bite or sting and other basic first aid skills. Your instructor will help you build confidence through hands-on practice in realistic scenarios.

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Emergency First Response® (EFR®) eLearning

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An accident can happen anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s a burn, scrape, broken bone, or something even more serious, it’s important to know what steps to take.

In a serious medical emergency, every second is precious and there’s no time to consult “doctor internet.” With first aid and CPR training from Emergency First Response® (EFR®), you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to help someone in need and become an essential link in the chain of survival.

The Emergency First Response® Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid) eLearning course combines flexible online self-study and in-person training. It’s your course at your pace. Practice a skill until you feel confident before moving on to the next one.

eLearning time commitment: 2-4 hours
See the link below for the price of the Emergency First Response Online Course. This fee is nonrefundable paid directly to PADI. It covers the knowledge development training as well as unlimited access to the entire PADI Adventures in Diving manual online.


The Asia Divers charge is $145.00 for 5 training dives and certification. This fee will be paid here at Asia Divers.

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Online training makes it easy to fit a CPR and first aid course into a busy schedule. Watch videos of different first aid techniques and learn what steps to take in an emergency. Study online or offline, using a computer or mobile device. Connect with your instructor if you have questions.

At Asia Divers with your instructor you’ll learn eight essential skills for helping others in an emergency. Get hands-on experience administering CPR using a special manikin, practice bandaging and splinting, and apply your new skills in a role-playing scenario.

Prerequisites: Desire to help others

Total time commitment: 4-8 hours

Minimum age: None

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EFR / Care for Children

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During the Emergency First Response Care for Children course, you’ll learn what to do if a child or infant is ill or injured. Find out how medical emergencies can be different for children versus adults and gain valuable insights about the emotional aspects of caring for children. You’ll also learn how to prevent common childhood injuries and illnesses.

Minimum Age: None

Duration: 6 hours

Prerequisites: Anyone interested in learning emergency care specific to children and infants may take this course.

Price$ 215.00


Through knowledge development and realistic scenario practice, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills you’ll need in an emergency or minor (but tear-inducing) mishap.

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