Getting to Puerto Galera

Plus information on communication, currency, medical & insurance

You have many options to get to our resort from Manila. When you make your reservations with us, please specify which option you prefer, and we’ll help you. Below are additional details.

Direct Private Transfers to/from Manila

This is the quickest and most convenient way to reach us in Puerto Galera.

It is tailored to suit your required travel times and can be scheduled any time of day or night.

It’s a 2hour aircon car/van ride from Manila to Berberabe Pier, followed by an hour boat ride directly to El Galleon Pier.  Total journey time usually 2.5 to 3hours.

We STRONGLY recommend that you read through the directions carefully and PRINT THEM OUT to bring with you. We are constantly trying to update and improve the service we provide, so recommend that you print the details even if you have done the journey before.

Note there are three terminals: Directions for pick up from the International Airport TERMINAL ONE, TWO, THREE, and Manila follow:

Airport pickup Terminal 1

  1. Once you have all your luggage, walk through the customs area and go outside the airport.
  2. You will be standing on the ‘arrival terminal access road’.
  3. Look across the road and you will see two ramps (left and right). You can take either of the two ramps as they end up in the same area below.
  4. When you reach the bottom, you will be at another access road.  Look for the DUTY FREE STORE and stand with your back in front of the DUTY FREE STORE.
  5. Look across the street for someone wearing an Asia Divers white T-shirt and carrying a sign with your name on it.
  6. Identify yourself and be prepared for a short walk to the car. Assisted by the driver, you will be on your way soon.

Airport pickup Terminal 2

  1. Once you have all your luggage, walk through the customs area and go outside the airport.
  2. Proceed to the arrival’s access area, turn right and find the BAY #18
  3. Look across the street for someone wearing an Asia Divers white T-shirt and carrying a sign with your name on it.
  4. Identify yourself and be prepared for a short walk to the car. Assisted by the driver, you will be on your way soon.

Airport pickup Terminal 3

  1. Once you have all your luggage, walk through the customs area.
  2. The exit area has a glass wall where all arrivals/passengers can see who’s waiting for them outside, please go in front of Burger King.
  3. Look around for our driver wearing an Asia Divers white T-shirt and carrying a sign with your name will be there.
  4. Identify yourself and be prepared for a short walk to the car. Assisted by the driver, you will be on your way soon.

In case you do not find the driver please call El Galleon Beach Resort:

  • +63 43-287-3205
  • +63 928-503-3314
  • +63 917-814-5107

If you require any further information about the airport itself, you can visit the website at

At Berberabe the car/van will stop very close to your waiting boat. Although there are no baggage porters on the pier, the boat crew work for us and will take you directly to The Point (Small Lalaguna) where there will be someone from the resort to meet you (again, they work directly for us, your bags will be safely looked after, tip them as you see fit). All the boats have cell phones. You should pay for the boat and car on arrival at El Galleon and you should not pay anything beyond tips to the driver or boatmen whilst you are on route.

Transfer from hotel or private residence in Manila

Just let us know when and where you wish to be picked up from.

If you wish to be collected from a hotel in Manila we need the hotel name, phone number & your room number.

From a private residence we need the full address and if possible directions to assist the driver as well as a contact phone number.

Prices for round trip transfer from Manila airport or hotel to El Galleon Dive Resort and back

  • 1-6 people $320

  • 7-12 people $480

  • 13-24 people $960

  • If you have any questions, please contact our front desk at +63-928-503-3314 or +63-43-287-3205. Our manager Rhuby is also available at +63-917-839-8530 if you require immediate assistance.
  • Our transportation is contracted out to a private transport company. This company has no Credit Card (CC) facility and can not accept payment through CC. Therefore we must have cash payments only for transportation charges. Please bring along cash for this payment.
  • As of now, outrigger boats (bangkas) are not allowed to cross past 5 p.m. Please take this in mind when scheduling flights. Plan your arrival in Manila no later that 13:30 if you want to use the bangka for the crossing. Contact us directly for other options.
  • We do give 5% discount on room, food, diving if you pay full in cash. However we add 5% for all credit card payments.

Directions to Sitio Berberabe

Sitio Berberabe is not far from the Shell Refinery on the East side of Batangas Bay. In more detail: If you go to the last exit on the South Superhighway, and turn right, you only have to drive a few km before you will see a large green sign on your right pointing to the new STAR TOLLWAY to Batangas. This puts you on to a beautiful new road. The STAR TOLLWAY will take you straight to Batangas City. Once paying driving through tollgate, (P55) turn left at the roundabout towards Batangas City. After approximately 3kms, the “Lions Monument? will appear on your left.

Approaching Batangas City, make the next left turn after the “Lions Monument?. Drive to the next intersection on your left, turn and take the next left again and head up till you see the sign for Lobo, SM Mall and the Shell Refinery. From there you have 5km to Sitio Berberabe if you want to check your trip meter. Take the next right, following the signs to SM Mall, Lobo and the Shell Refinery, on the way you will cross a bridge, shortly after you will see the Pontifino Hotel. Before arriving at the hotel you will see a Y intersection that will take you to the new SM Mall, drive past the mall, past the Shell station and keep left, keeping a lookout for the Shell Refinery and Pacific Flour Mills. Pass the Shell Refinery, and beware of the two speed bumps near the Flour Mill gates. From the end of the Flour fence, drive up another 500 meters and you will end see a small local waiting shed with Asia Divers/El Galleon transfer sign. Take the small concrete road, you will see a parking lot and you are there.

Pick-Up Point Maps

Google Maps

El Galleon Boat Pickup Point

Pickup Point Speed Boat

Pickup Point Sitio Berberabe

Public Transportation from Manila

The public transportation is a relatively inexpensive way to travel to us. However, this option is only recommended for the seasoned traveler who is traveling without much luggage.

Catch a regular aircon bus from Manila (BLTB or JAM bus stations in Pasay) to Batangas Port (approx. P200) where local boats and ferries run to Balitero, and Muelle Pier in Puerto Galera for about P260 per person. If you arrive at Muelle Pier in Puerto Galera you will need to get a bangka boat to our private pier at El Galleon, Small Lalaguna (about P200- 400). These prices are approximate prices as of time of writing.

We can meet you from any ferry if you organize it with us in advance – just contact us for assistance.

Si-Kat Ferries Inc. offers a combined tourist bus and boat service daily from Manila to Puerto Galera and back.

Visit their website for the latest schedules and rates

Recommended hotel very close to Si-kat is:

1158 A. Mabini St., Ermita, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila

Mobile No: 0917 894 1764 / 0919 999 0060

Telephone No: (02) 835 4565



English is widely spoken.

Puerto Galera has come a long way over the years and now with landlines to assist with faster check out times, wireless internet for those that have to stay in touch, it’s easy.

Pay phones, mobile phone load cards, fax and email are all available.


US Dollar / Peso cash are preferred (obviously and the best way!) We accept other major currencies as payment; please check with us before you arrive. Credit cards are accepted; VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEXCO. There is 5% for charge for credit card payments,

El Galleon and Asia Divers accept personal cheques from both US Dollar and Peso accounts. We also accept bank transfers, please contact us for details.

Puerto Galera has three ATM’s and one in Sabang: PNB Allied Bank, Rural Bank of Puerto Galera, Card Bank near ORMECO office Sabang: MaxBank.

Please do keep in mind that these bank machines are not always working so it’s always a good idea to have cash.

We also use WeChat Pay and ALIPAY. Contact us if you would like to use one of these to pay before you arrive.

wechat pay ali pay

To make payments via WeChat Pay, please scan the QR code below.

El Galleon QR code

Medical Information & Insurance

No malaria in the area, but inoculations for Hep A, Typhoid, Polio and Tetanus are recommended, always check with your doctor.

Bring high factor sun creams and insect repellent if you are prone to that type of thing, it’s a rare occasion that you will need to put on more than shorts and a t-shirt.

We strongly advise all divers and students to purchase dive accident insurance and will ask any diver not covered to sign a Disclaimer acknowledging that the Facility, management and staff will not be held responsible for any costs incurred in the event of any evacuation or medical treatment being required.

We can however assist you with a policy through Diveassure with Basic ( Philippines only ) or Platinum ( Worldwide ) cover at the following rates:


  • 1 Day : $9.00
  • 1 Week: $39.00
  • 2 Weeks: $49.00
  • 3 Weeks: $59.00
  • 30 Days: $69.00
  • Annual: $99.00


  • Annual: $99.00

Diveassure is primary coverage, and is for diving to any depth, covers mixed gas diving, Rebreathers and overhead environments. Medical Expenses to $50,000.00 ( Basic ) and $250,000.00 ( Platinum ), besides additional costs for accommodation and travel, lost gear etc.

You can sign up on arrival with us, or do it before hand here:

diving insurance philippines

DAN Insurance

For scuba divers worldwide, DAN means safety, health and peace of mind. Committed to improving the safety of diving for all divers, we are Your Buddy in Dive Safety.

DAN is a global network of not-for-profit, member-based organizations and DAN Asia-Pacific has a region of responsibility that extends throughout Asia and the Pacific region.

Wherever members live or dive around the world they have peace of mind knowing that DAN is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in the event of an accident. Guests can register with DAN for Short Term Dive Accident Insurance in the dive shop, or visit the DAN website for annual coverage.

DAN AP Short Term Cover

  • 1 day / $10 USD
  • 2 days / $20 USD
  • 3-5 days / $30 USD
  • 6-10 days / $40 USD
  • 30 days / $50 USD

Do you have a question?

Our friendly and efficient staff are always here to help.

Visit the Contact page and choose your preferred method to receive assistance.