News from El Galleon Dive Resort & Asia Divers, Puerto Galera

Asia Divers Excursion

Asia divers Excursion is a package trip made to gather different people from different parts of the world to come and experience the beauty of Puerto Galera.

This package allows you to dive in world-class diving spots and experience one of the most diverse marine life on earth. Whether you are an experienced scuba diver or not, as long as the underwater world interests you, then this package is the perfect gift to give to yourself. This is open for both certified scuba divers and those with no experience at all. For the latter, we will be facilitating an intro course (discover scuba).

Puerto Galera sits right in the heart of the verde island passage. It is dense with marine life and coral species. Equal to the beauty that lays beneath the ocean are the white-sand beaches and majestic waterfalls.

On one of the days we will take you to Tukuran which has multiple small waterfalls and pools to swim in. Our staff will prepare a scrumptious lunch while you relax, unwind and enjoy some icy cold beers. The trip will also include a sunset cruise where we take you to a beach where you can enjoy activities such as snorkeling and swimming. You will be served beers and pizza as you create meaningful connections and share blissful conversations and memories with fellow excursion participants. Just before sunset everyone will board the boat cruise in the ocean, drink some more and watch the sun as it sets. Allow us to give you an experience of a lifetime.


November in the sunshine

Look at this cool shot taken by Phil Rudin. It’s a nifty little creature called a Pelagic Zoea which is the larval stage of an unidentified Crab, taken on a blackwater dive here last June. We’re already in planning stages for Phil to come back next June to conduct another photo workshop with us.  Dates are: June 15-22, 2020. This year’s photo workshop will include two blackwater dives! If you’re interested in bringing your underwater photography level up to the next step and getting lots of hands on experience  than this workshop will be great for you. Please contact us for all the details:

A Spooktacular Halloween at The Point!

What a fantastic Halloween party we had at The Point this year. It was a great turn out, and so many people got into the spooky spirit and got dressed up in some very creative costumes….even BaileyJamie created some ghoulishly delightful shots and made up a very cool meat and cheese platter as well. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this a super fun night!


DEMA 2019

Tommy, and Alli will be at the DEMA Show November 12-16 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida. We’ll be with the Philippine Department of Tourism booth promoting Asia Divers/El Galleon. We’re Looking forward to catching up with our pervious guests, many friends, business associates, and our wonderful travel agents who have been supporting us. Please drop to hear about some great accommodation and dive packages if you’re attending.

What’s been happening

A fun week with this group of keen divers from Hong Kong group (Hau Chuen Wong, Ka Keung ( K.K ) Cheong, Ko Keung Yeu, Lap Ping ( Mark ) Lee, Man Wai ( Sting ) Lor, Ng Kwong Cheung, Sung Kit ( Iris ) Mak, Tsoi ( Frankie ) Shu Kan, Wai Chi Yim, Wai Tho ( Cindy ) Tsang).  Lots of laugh and great diving, hope to see them all again!

Lou Fernandes decided to do a refresher to get back into the swing of diving again. He loved the whole experience and is looking forward to doing more diving.

Big congratulations to Lyka and Mike for successfully completing their Advanced Open Water Diver course with Maria and George Vest coming along as a visiting Instructor to gain experience with us. Well done guys! Hope to see you again for more diving adventures

While Lyka was being kept busy on her AOW course Tim decided that he should give the DPV a go. What a buzz it was!

Underwater photography workshop

Join Phil Rudin
Take your photography to the next level

Puerto Galera Philippines, El Galleon / Asia Divers June 15-22 2020


  • 7 night stay ~ double shared room
  • Full board (all meals)
  • all dives, including night dive offered every night or Blackwater dives (2 included in package) (w/tank, weight belt, boat and guide)
  • FREE NITROX for those certified ~ recommended • One free boat trip to Verde Island
  • Photo Workshop (6 days) PACKAGES:
  • Seaview Double per person: $1,553 USD
  • Seaview Single: $1,938 USD
  • Companion non-diver (shared room, full board meals): $791 USD
  • Poolside Double per person: $1,473 USD
  • Poolside Single: $1, 777 USD
  • Companion non-diver (shared room, full board meals): $711 USD


  • Arrive at the Belmont Hotel near Manila airport or hotel close by June 13th. To be arranged by yourself.
  • Meet at Starbucks at 11:00 a.m. June 14th for two or three hours of Lightroom workshop
  • Depart for El Galleon Resort from Belmont hotel June 15th 10:00 a.m.
  • The transfer to the resort will take approximately 2 hours by van and 1 hour by boat
  • You will be met by El Galleon/Asia Diver staff upon arrival and have time to unpack, settle-in and set up cameras in the camera room.
  • If anyone wants to do a check dive that day they can do a dive at 16:00

June 16th to 21 schedule:

  • 6:30 breakfast
  • 8:00 dive 1
  • 10:30 dive 2
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 13:30 dive 3
  • 15:30 classroom lesson
  • 18:00 night dive or
  • 19:30 Blackwater dive

Dinner will either be after the night dive or before the blackwater dive

June 22

Group departure to Manila airport or hotel. Time TBA


If you elect to add on additional nights at El Galleon, please add-on after the workshop!

3 night’s accommodation, with full board, up to 5 dives a day (4 day dives and 1 night dive) (w/tank, w-belt, boat, and guide)

Seaview Double: $ 597 USD per person
Seaview Single: $762 USD
Companion non-diver: $339 USD

Poolside Double: $563 USD per person
Poolside Single: $ 693 USD
Companion non-diver: $304 USD


  • Airfare to Manila
  • Hotel in Manila (Belmont Hotel
  • Private transfers: Belmont Hotel to El Galleon Beach Resort and return from El Galleon to hotel or airport.
  • Drinks, alcohol, gratuities and incidentals Estimated round trip costs: Private transfer costs will be shared by group and will depend on how many are in the group travelling together. The van holds 6 people with luggage and cost is $80 USD. Boat is $210 USD and holds 22 people. Price determined how many passengers transfer each way.



A Goulishly delightful Halloween at El Galleon awaits you


It will be great night to shake off the cobwebs, and bring out your nastiest or silliest Halloween costume. Join us for some spooky fun at our Halloween party this Thursday October 31st at The Point Bar. We’ll have face painting available for a small fee and there will also be prizes for the best costumes, plus lots of tricks and treats.

What’s been happening

The fun begins! Welcome to our new group from Hong Kong. We hope they enjoy their stay. Read next week’s thrilling installment.


You never get tired of the amazing views and awesome sunrises in Puerto Galera. Thank you @h2onomad for this reminder.


Maria found her diving equipment with new stickers this morning. Jamie just couldn’t wait to change her last name!! We’re all thinking that Jamie Gonzales has a nice ring to it though!


Welcome back to John Butler and Jenny Chang from Taiwan, two of Asia Divers dearest friends. John has been coming to our shores since at least 1994, his kids learned to dive with us and he’s been a regular guest ever since, Jenny did her first DSD with Allan Oman Malibiran and never looked back. More recently they’ve been on several Asia Divers live-aboard trips. We hope you keep coming for many more years!

Join us for Halloween a ghoulishly delightful night

Looking for a long weekend get-away?  We still have rooms available over the upcoming All Saints Day long weekend, and you can be here to join our Halloween party on October 31st. Contact  to make a reservation.

Clean up dive

It was a great day to “Splash for Trash”! Thanks to Shiyuan for organizing   and to everyone who participated in the Dive Against Debris. Asia Divers is committed to doing these at least once a month. If you would like to join one, just let us know.


Allan on Tour

Leaving Cusco on my way to Nazca one of the best rides I’ve done. Lost count of the number of times I dropped into valleys hundreds of meters below and then riding back up into the clouds again the across a massive plato before dropping way down into Nazca. Any rider would be amazed. Fantastic views impossible to capture too many changes awesome day.

Leaving Cusco on my way to Nazca one of the best rides I’ve done. Lost count of the number of times I dropped into valleys hundreds of meters below and then riding back up into the clouds again the across a massive plato before dropping way down into Nazca. Any rider would be amazed. Fantastic views impossible to capture too many changes awesome day.


Day off the bike to take a tour of Rainbow mountain or as the locals call it, colourful mountain. Cusco Peru. Great day at 5,036 meters.

Something new at El Galleon

Meena has been teaching yoga classes on the platform recently and people are loving it. A beautiful location with a wonderful instructor!  Meena is an ashtanga yoga teacher. She practices gratitude daily and believes that this is one of the most powerful tools to being happy. She fell in love with yoga about three years ago. Meena believes in teaching her students to celebrate their own unique light and beauty. She also believes that humor is an essential ingredient in yoga, and laughter is the best medicine and core exercise there is. If you’re interested to join a class with her just let us know.

Old News

Once Upon A Time…there was no Facebook, no email and Newsletters looked just like Newspapers. A twenty one Year old Asia Divers newsletter just resurfaced from one of our guests, James Sather, who brought it along with him from Canada. If anyone would like the full version just contact

October at El Galleon/Asia Divers

Thanks to Matt Hutchinson for this month’s Monday News cover photo.  Matt is keeping busy on his Instructor internship with us, but still has time to take his underwater camera out for a spin. He’s been getting some real nice photos, as usual. Check out Matt’s gallery on his website to see many more:

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Who’s been doing what

It’s been a very busy Chinese holiday in the resort this past week for our Chinese Instructor team. 14 Students with 5 Instructors, plus 1 Divemaster candidate keeping things running smooth and safely.


Lu Wang and Xueteng Zhang have had Elly all to themselves for most of their visit this past week. They requested her for a private guide and to teach them their PADI Advanced course. They had many great dives and a big highlight of going to Verde Island. Congratulations on earning your AOW!


Jamie surprised Alli and Arthur on Alma Jane with his favorite buddy! DPVs offer a thrilling way for scuba divers to see a lot of underwater territory in a short amount of time. They scoot you through the water allowing you to glide over reefs, buzz around a large wreck or weave through a kelp forest. Whether making a shore or boat dive, a DPV is a great way to see more and have fun doing it. Ask us about the PADI DPV course.


This course also includes a funky “Freddie’s Specialties” DPV polo shirt.

Michael Lee was here a couple years ago and did his PADI Open Water course so he thought it was about time to come back and do his PADI Advanced course.  Congrats Mike!


Gavin and Elly celebrated both their birthdays in one big birthday bash in the Point Bar.  It was a tremendous party with some yummy hors d’oeuvre prepared by our kitchen team and lots of beer to go along with them.



Rebecca and James had their first scuba diving experience and absolutely loved it! Thank you both and we hope to see you back here soon for more.


Maria was complaining her nose was too small. Jamie to the rescue!

What a week with Diveline Aus!

It’s been a week to remember for sure with this fun gang from Diveline Aus. Superb conditions, lots of sun and tremendous amounts of fun for all. The grand finale included a lovely BCD float in the Verde island Passage.

This was a perfect day for a Verde adventure with Diveline Aus! Thanks to Paul Sorensen for bringing  Adrian Marshall, Julie Wrighton, Peter Wrighton, Ian Hulett, Christine Reynonds, Paul McGrath, John Timms, Stewart Andrews, Matthew Grahams, Kenneth Mills and Jennifer Mcgrath to our happy home!

What’s happening here

Kenneth Mills  and Matthew Graham did their PADI DPV courses with Jamie and had two super dives , than Alli took all of them plus Rene on a “Magical Mystery Tour” to West Escarcio, Canyons, Atol, Kilima, Sinandigan, and Coral cove. They finished in an area that Rene and Jamie had never even seen before!


We’ve also enjoyed the company of this very experienced group of underwater photographers (Choi Yee Shing, Yiu Hei (Alex) Cheung, Wu Wei Keung, and Li Yat (Ken) Hung) this week. They were a pleasure to dive with. Many highlights including two Blackwater dives too.


Matt Hutchinson is well immersed into his Instructor internship now after passing the Instructor exams. Matt will spend the next month with us gaining lots of experience in teaching all PADI courses and also helping out on guiding. For everyone who does their IDC with us we offer this internship program for no extra charge. If you’re interested in becoming a PADI pro and living the dream, please have a look at our website for more information:

Ruben and Matt are teaching Greg Tirrell PADI Advanced course right now, getting him experienced in several different types of dives.


Huong Ly has been enjoying her stay with us doing DSD and follow-up dives.


Mid Autumn Day and National Day holiday in China means lots and lots of folks from China around this week. Our Chinese instructor team is busy busy and soon we’ll have a bunch of certified PADI divers to celebrate with.


Homies! First time for Kjell to meet up with someone from his hometown here at El Gal. Daniel Haworth is from Arboga, Sweden and Jimmy Strand is from the next town over. Small world stuff for sure!

Blackwater Magic

We took advantage of the perfect conditions for Blackwater diving this week and went out for two nights back to back.  Check out what Arthur Nash shot with the Olympus TG-3 and no strobe. Join us for some more of this really cool diving:


International Coastal Cleanup Day & check out our Dive Against Debris Video

coastal cleanup day asia divers puerto galera philippines

Saturday was International Coastal Cleanup Day. Asia Divers and El Galleon were happy to participate in this event as the whole community got together to do a beach clean-up. Thanks to everyone who participated in helping to keep Puerto Galera clean and beautiful.

Welcome back Diveline Aus

It’s great to have Paul Sorensen from Diveline Aus back with us again, this time bringing us a fun group to splash around with all week! First day started off with a quick welcome and get settled into the dive shop and then straight up to the Point. Good to see that everyone has their priorities straight.

Diveline AUS at Asia Divers

Birthdays on the beach

For many years in a row these two have celebrated their birthdays with us. It’s always been quite the time as the “Animals” prowl around the resort! We’re glad that the tradition continues on. Happy birthday to Larry Bird and John Tucker!

el galleon resort puerto galera birthdays

Special Anniversary dives

Congratulations to Marc van Den Broeck for a very big number dive… 1000TH!! Not too many people get to see that many zeros on a shirt. Even more special is that about 300 of those dives have been done here!

1000 dives

Congratulations to “mermaid” Kris on a well earned new t-shirt…100 dives!! Kris only was certified less than 2 years ago and she has racked up a lot of dives in a short amount of time.

100 dives asia divers puerto galera


E-IDC update

Congratulations for becoming PADI Instructor – another 100% pass

PADI instructors

A VeRy HaPpY team “Maddogs”.. Congratulations to all new PADI Instructors on the beach – and especially to Matt for a job well done ! We are all very proud of you at Asia Divers and thank everyone who got involved to support… and then it was…

Party time… !!! …with plenty of new T-Shirt shots…

PADI instructor party

And what a great night it was. Kevin, the candidate from next door also decided to join together with Mr. Moon and also play our new fun Instructor IE party games that had the new instructors perform a little skill circuit and an excited run for some creamy drink (wink wink). Thanks to Matt we all also had to do the ‘Shark Attack’ and the ‘African Passage’ T-Shirt shots with him – at least these are the first 2 Shirts I remember…

Project AWARE video on Facebook

Project Aware dive against debris Puerto Galera

Thanks to “Video Rob” of Calypso Multimedia for taking a wonderful video of our recent Project AWARE – Dive Against Debris “Trashure” hunt.

Watch the video

Come and get involved!

That’s all for this week folks. Join us for more news from Asia Divers & El Galleon Dive Resort next week!

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From Weddings to Blackwater Diving – El Galleon Dive Resort has you covered!

weddings blackwater diving el galleon dive resort puerto galera

What a wonderful few days it’s been for a very special wedding celebration for very dear friends of ours. Larry and Kris Bird and many of their family and friends from all over the world were here to spend time and celebrate the occasion with them. It was indeed a day to remember for all!

The night started in the Point for Happy hour with everyone getting together with the bride and groom before dinner. The evening continued on with an amazing Indian Buffet meal along with listson (roasted pig), some good heartwarming speeches and toasts to the newlyweds.

wedding celebrations


Amy Ward made the most beautifully decorated cake with such fine detailed eatable flowers that it was almost a shame to eat it…but we sure did. Kris and Larry pulled out a good “bolo” knife to do the deed.

cutting the cake


OH, and did we mention that it rained a bit that night?!


They say that a rainy wedding is good luck for the bride and groom…well, I think they best run out and buy a lottery ticket with all the rain we had! Wishing the newlyweds much love and happiness from everyone here at El Galleon, Asia Divers and Tech Asia!


What else has been happening at Asia Divers & El Galleon Dive Resort?

Ruben, and our long time friends Mal Howarth and Ron Jackson, joined by first timers to PG, Marilei Kuns and Andre Aguillar are all excited about getting wet today and seeing some cool stuff.

scuba diving in puerto galera


The perfect location for doing a Nitrox course is of course…. The Point Bar! Richard Fernie and Christian Drew are now ready to go on nitrox.

padi nitrox course



Tim, Daniel, Jaydon and Tobin were only here for three days but determined to get their PADI Advanced cert and get in some great dive experiences. Mission accomplished!

padi advanced open water course


Lyn, Trevor and Sheika enjoying the sunshine before the next dive.

el galleon dive resort puerto galera philippines


Looks like we have a bunch of pussycats prowling about for the next little while…it’s that time of year again!

asia divers puerto galera philippines


Hello Kitty is back!


funny dive gear

Getting into the diving groove – Johan, Marc, Elly and Ruben.

asia divers puerto galera


Blackwater Diving with at El Galleon Dive Resort

Asia Divers is diving into the black! You can venture into the dark side on your next visit.

Check out these awesome photos by Beth Watson from here recent trip here, and have a look at some pretty cool weird and wonderful creatures here too:

blackwater diving in puerto galera

blackwater diving


That’s all for this time, be sure to catch up again in the next Asia Divers & El Galleon Dive Resort Blog

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DRT Show & Charity Raffle Winners!

tech asia drt show philippines charity raffle

It was a busy weekend at the DRT show in Manila for the gang from Ocean Dive Supply and Tech Asia. The show was visited by many people looking to check out and purchase new dive gear and to see what’s new in the Philippine diving industry.

tech asia drt show philippines


And the Lucky winner of the Tech Asia charity raffle is…Joan Jomai Mamangun Zerrudo!


tech asia drt charity raffle winners

Never saw a couple so happy to have won something (and for the money to have gone to such a good cause). Halcyon and Tech Asia put up a unique Limited Edition Titanium Infinity BCD System as a special prize.

All proceeds will go to Pasay Pups, which is a volunteer organization dedicated to caring for the animals, and the children living in poverty in the Sarhento Mariano public cemetery in Pasay City.

Please take a moment to look at visit their Facebook page to learn a little more.

What has been happening at Asia Divers?


snorkeling in puerto galera
Fiona, Rosie and Heather have been taking advantage of the sunshine and stunning shallow reefs, enjoying the snorkeling areas in Puerto Galera.


puerto galera night diving
Cameron, Rick and Pete just about to head off for a night dive and looking for all those weird and wonderful creatures

Check out PADI’s latest blog, The Amazing Marine Life of the Philippines.

PADI blog

It tells you about many of the great places to dive throughout the Philippines and of course information on the wonderful marine life in Puerto Galera. Read the blog on the PADI site.

Shanghai American School at Asia Divers

Have a look at this very nice video from the Shanghai American School who we’re with us last March. We’re excited that they’ll be joining us again next march as well. Bring your school group to Puerto Galera for a Fun, Educational and Exciting Adventure. The world is your classroom! Learning can, and should happen everywhere. We have over 23 years of experience with hosting school groups!

Our professionalism and enthusiasm with these groups has made us a leader in this area. Programs include diving, sailing, activities, community service and sightseeing. We’re already looking forward to their next visit in March 2020!


PADI E-IDC update

Our scooter gang assembled for a fun dive along reefs and wrecks. Matt did his DPV Specialty Instructor Training with Sabine – so he can teach this fun course, while for Cody it was his very first time scootering about. Big smiles as he enjoyed it a lot!!

DPV diving in Puerto Galera at Asia Divers


With many ‘Matt’s around, one could get confused B) – Our “Tall Matt’, Matt Hutchinson, has started his IDC with us and in the meantime already completed his EFR Instructor rating in the first 2 days. Congratulations! He can now teach the EFR Primary, Secondary, Care for Children and AED & CPR courses. More IDC updates to come…

PADI EFR instructor course asia divers


Join us next week for more news from Asia Divers and El Galleon Dive Resort

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