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A day at Verde Island with Asia Divers

Very happy divers after two dives at Verde Island! Great shot Robin Chew.

Experts have called The Verde Island Passage the “centre of the centre” of the world’s marine biodiversity. Life enhancing nutrients from the Pacific mix with waters of the South China Sea. You would never guess that beneath the surface are spectacular reef formations with more than 300 species of corals and underwater rock canyons that host nearly 60 percent of the world’s known shorefish species.

The Verde Island passage is situated between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro. A trip to Puerto Galera is not complete with at least one visit to Verde Island. You can get there in 40 minutes by bangka, which is a local outrigger boat, or 20 minutes by speedboat.


Gorgeous colours of Verde Island. Photos by Beth Watson

The best and most well known dive site is the “Verde Island Drop off” or “San Agapito” about 300 meters off shore. Approaching the dive site you are greeted by the rough tips of pinnacles breaking the surface. From the surface it doesn’t look like much, but as soon as you drop in, you’ll see that these pinnacles are like the icing on top of large colourful birthday cake.

The Drop Off can be described best as steep slopes with stunning vertical walls that drop down to 70 meters or more. Beautiful gorgonian fans, basket sponges and anemones nestle in and make their home here. Numerous nooks and crannies are home to all sorts of reef life including shrimps, sea snakes, scorpion fish and moray eels. Volcanic bubbles rise up through the corals and create a magical effect. Anthias and red-tooth triggerfish are so abundant that I tell people that there are so many fish on the pinnacle that they’ll have to push them aside to see the reef.


Surface interval on Verde.

This is one of those dives sites that you can happily use a wide-angle lens or a macro lens and come away with great shots. Since Puerto Galera is known so widely for its macro I sometimes encourage the photographers to pull out their wide-angle lens for a day on Verde to take advantage of the spectacular pinnacles and beautiful gorgonian sea fans. These teamed up with the colourful anemones and reef fishes make an excellent backdrop and are a great area to shoot wide angle. Nudibranches are plentiful and you’re bound to see a gnarly scorpion fish or two, so a macro lens will come in good use as well.

The currents on Verde can be tricky, but going with an experienced guide you can safely manage them. The key is to stay tight to the pinnacle and not get pushed over deep water into the strong currents. As you approach “the corner” you can feel the current pushing in your face, so you can make a decision of what to do next. With an experienced group I like to get on to the corner and “watch the show”. This where you have the best chance to see many of the larger fishes including schooling jacks, sweetlips, tuna and snapper all dancing in the current. I love to be in the mix of this, but if my group is less experienced I can turn around and miss this corner and keep everyone out of the current.

Treasure hunting….

A Spanish galleon, the Nuestra Senora dela Vida, which sank in 1620, was discovered in the late seventies just off Verde Island. Unfortunately it was heavily salvaged in the 70’s and 80’s and nothing remains of the wreck except for a few pieces of porcelain. The larger plates and terracotta jars are now long gone. I like to take my divers “treasure hunting” for these little pieces of porcelain during their surface interval. If you walk along the beachfront and look in the sand you can be sure to find a few pieces wash ashore. It’s a nice little souvenir to go home with.

A day trip to Verde Island is a great experience for our guests. They get to dive on a spectacular dive site with prolific fish life, learn a bit of local history and combine this with a beach barbeque you’ll have a lot of happy people.

Allan is checking out the hood!

I’ve lived in Puerto Galera for almost thirty-six years and thought I’d been to most places, yet over the past fourteen months of so called lockdown, it has given me a chance to explore places I would probably have not thought of doing so. The other day I had a great time exploring Tagaparaiso falls, back of Baco and Malaylay river, mostly on my motor bike. Tagaparaiso falls was a nice ride and a two hundred meter jungle track up a river to find the falls, great little spot, what a find! Then it was off to find some dirt to play in and I got plenty of it, river crossings, and some fun trails with outstanding views. Over the months I have found places I love going back to, it’s an amazing island, so very grateful.

As well as Scuba Diving, El Galleon offers kayaking, sunset cruises, beach hopping, volleyball, golfing, snorkeling, and trekking. Whether it’s a lazy day in the sun, some adventure or a game of golf, we have what you’re looking for. See this like for Activities to do while you’re in Puerto Galera. We can arrange all for you!

Types of Scuba Diving Certifications and What You Can Do with Them

Scuba Diving Certifications

You’ve probably heard of scuba diving certifications before, whether or not you’re aware of their purpose or not. Those certifications aren’t just for show. They’re used as a way to measure the capacity of an individual, and whether or not they can safely control themselves to certain depths as dictated on the certification.

With that said, there are many scuba diving certifications out there, each one serving a different purpose and measuring different water skills for the divers who take them. In this article, we’ll briefly cover what those scuba diving certifications entail and what you can do with them.

Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diver certification by PADI is one of the most common and popular scuba diving certifications for recreational purposes. It is an essential course that opens the path to other more advanced courses for divers. The Open Water Diver course teaches the fundamentals of how to safely manage yourself, as well as your equipment underwater. With this certification, you will be allowed to dive in open waters up to a depth of 18 meters.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver is a course that takes the previous certification to the next level. Participants will need to have taken the Open Water Diver first as a prerequisite to taking this course. Once completed, divers will have their depth limit increased from 18 meters as certified by the Open Water Diver to a deeper 30 meters. This course will again include theory learning as well as practical training, that will both be subject to assessment by the dive instructor.

Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course educates divers about essential emergency rescue protocols, safety skills and how to manage a crisis situation underwater. This is another essential certification that many divers opt to take due to the valuable, lifelong skills that are offered in this course.


Divemaster is the course where divers refine and hone in their water skills to a professional standard. In fact, for many diving associations such as PADI and SSI, the Divemaster is considered to be the first professional rating. This course also puts an emphasis on building the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to lead and supervise a diving team. Participants of Divemaster courses often intend to become professional divers or are on the way to become dive instructors.

These are just some of the most common scuba diving certifications out there. Some of these serve as the foundation of all scuba divers such as the Open Water Diver and are mandatory to take before advancing into more technical water skills.

Do these scuba diving certifications sound familiar to you? If you’re a frequent diver, it would be wise to invest in yourself and learn the water skills and knowledge offered in these courses. Not only will they increase your confidence as a diver, you’ll also have more opportunities to access dive sites that are deeper and more exotic in the future!

Learn more about scuba diving courses with us at Asia Divers.

Mindoro Sprinter private resorts and boat taxi service now operational!

mindoro sprinter boat batangas puerto galera philippines

Mindoro Sprinter, the new 22 seater Navicat, Private Resorts and Boat Taxi service is now operational.

It’s the fastest and most comfortable way to get to (and from) Puerto Galera, and directly to El Galleon/Asia Divers. Our new and easily accessible pick up point at Ilaya, is right next door to Batangas Port. And dis-embark at our pier.

Check out the official Mindoro Sprinter website. All contact details, location map for pick-up location, costs and schedule will be posted there: . You can also follow our Facebook page “Mindoro Sprinter

Summer Holiday Promo

Last minute holidays? Our summer promo ends September 30th. Contact us to take advantage of this amazing special.

summer holiday promo el galleon dive resort puerto galera

What’s been happening at Asia Divers & El Galleon Dive Resort

Happy birthday to Leon, so nice that you and Carole can spend another one here with us!

birthday celebration el galleon dive resort


It was great to have Ian and Jack Jones diving with us. Jack completed his Open Water course with us a few months ago and he had not forgotten a thing. It was like riding a bike, he was right back at it again! Three big turtles, a couple of big puffers and an amazing very fishy drift dive made the weekend…

padi open water diver course puerto galera


Discover Scuba by day…jamming in the Point by night! Maria Khristina Tome and Mark Donahue had a great experience trying out scuba diving with Maria and then joining in a fun evening at the Point Bar.

discover scuba diving puerto galera philippines


First time at the Point Bar… “Sudden” gig/acoustic session and it was a success! Watch out… this might become a regular thing! Thank you so much to our guests, Tin (vocalist) and her partner Mark  for making this happen, to Odie for the music, to all the jammers, El Galleon family and awesome crowd!

point bar puerto galera

point bar puerto galera philippines

A chip off the old block! Very nice to see Ruben teaching his 16 year old daughter Andrea to dive along with her support team Ruby Ann and, Issa to cheer her on.

scuba diving lessons puerto galera philippines


Jana and Glenn Everett have been keeping themselves busy this weekend with their PADI EFR and Rescue course with Sabine. Both are enjoying the learning and the fun of it along with a few bumps here and there on the egress!

PADI EFR and Rescue course puerto galera philippines

That’s all for this episode from Asia Divers & El Galleon Dive Resort. See you soon!

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The Mindoro Sprinter is making waves!

It’s been a busy few days for the Mindoro Sprinter as she is starting to get her sea legs. Follow us on our Facebook page ‘Mindoro Sprinter” to see our schedule, or contact us at 0927 631 7243 for information and bookings. Now you can get to El Galleon on the most comfortable and safest boat traveling from Batangas to Puerto Galera.

Mindoro Sprinter Batangas to Puerto Galera boat of El Galleon Dive Resort
Steve and Paul really enjoyed the comfort and the quick trip to Batangas.

To book contact: 0927 631-7243

  • Boat Fee is 800 peso one way, per person. Cash only.
  • There is a P100 port fee to pay from Ilaya which will be collected there. There is no port fee departing from El Galleon. All vehicles going to Ilaya will be charged a P50 entrance fee to enter the port.
  • There is a P50 port fee to pay from Lamao which will be collected there. There is no port fee departing from El Galleon.
  • You must be at departure point 30 minutes prior to departure.

Location maps for Lamao:

Location maps for ILaya:

el galleon dive resort batanagas puerto galera boat

What’s been happening at Asia Divers & El Galleon Dive Resort

It’s hard to believe that this little cutie is now one year old! Happy Birthday to River… parents, Arthur, Meena and Grandpa Allan enjoyed this special day with her. It was so much fun to have many friends and family from here and Manila to be for the celebrations over the past weekend.

birthday party

It’s always nice to have Steve Gershon and Paul Bronson back with us. Congratulations to Paul Bronston for completing his PADI Advanced Open Water course.

padi advanced open water course


Nice to have good friends of CY and Bonny doing their dive training with us. Yanghui Xie (Running), Guoran Yao (Iris) and Yao Geng DSD (Fifteen) are all enjoying learning to scuba dive and looking forward to their ocean dives and seeing some of the amazing marine life that PG has to offer.

Learn to scuba dive in Puerto Galera at El Galleon Dive Resort


Thanks to our dear friends from “DDT” Discovery Divers Tokyo for recommending us to Christopher Greenway. Chris had a great week of diving and also completed PADI Enriched Air, Drift and DPV specialty courses while he was here. Congrats Chis, and enjoy your new Polo shirts that came with the courses!

PADI Specialty scuba courses at EL Galleon Dive Resort

If you’re interested in doing one of our many Specialty course that we offer please have a look here:

So nice to have this wonderful group from Scuba Monster and booked through Expert holidays with us. Last night they all enjoyed Hot Pot at El Galleon.

scuba diving travel groups in Puerto Galera Philippines

With Choi Lan ( Eda ) Leung, Ka Fai ( Ricky ) Leung, Kwan Chee ( Jack ) Cheung, Man Tat ( Amanda ) Tong, Man Yi (Miranda) Wong, Wen Yin ( Shirley ) Man, Yun Keey ( Ricky ) Chan, Yun Mei ( Bread ) Chan

EL Galleon owners on holiday in Sweden

The Soderstrom family is enjoying their time in Sweden. It seems that they are always eating! Seeing some nice photos of them touring around but questioning the summer weather in Sweden…

That’s all for this week folks, catch up with the next El Galleon Dive Resort blog for more news from Puerto Galera

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Introducing El Galleon Dive Resort’s new boat – the Mindoro Sprinter!

batangas to puerto galera boat mindoro sprinter el galleon dive resort

Look at our sexy new boat! The Mindoro Sprinter has just arrived from its maiden voyage from Manila! Super excited and we look forward to bringing our guests to El Galleon and Asia Divers very soon on this boat. We’ll keep you all posted when it’s up and running, but we’re looking at some quicker crossings to Batangas now.

Checkout our new Mindoro Sprinter Facebook page:



The sun is out and so are we! What a fantastic way to start the day…a nice cruise into the Canyons with just enough current to bring out the big fish, but not so much that you’re blasting through your air and your time. To top it all off we had a nice encounter with 4 very large bump head parrot fishes… with Robin, Gabi and Meinrad.

el galleon dive resort off to canyons dive site puerto galera


Off-Season Special still available until August 31st 2019

el galleon dive resort puerto galera off season special offer


PADI Women Dive Day 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out to “Splash for Trash” to celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day. We conducted a Dive Against Debris and some of us even got dressed up for the occasion.  28 kg recovered…and lots of fun!!

padi women dive day 2019 el galleon dive resort puerto galera


What’s been going on at El Galleon Dive Resort & Asia Divers

Alli and Elly and Dave spent last week in Beijing at the ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta with the Philippines Department of Tourism Booth representing Asia Divers/EL Galleon and Tech Asia. We we’re excited to let the Beijing diving community learn more about what we have to offer.

el galleon dive resort adex 2019


Long time family friends of Tommy, Daira Lovstrom and Freja Lovstrom came here to get certified. Both Ruben and Arthur jumped in and made it a fun course for everyone.

padi open water course at el galleon dive resort puerto galera


Jason got all “trashy” as he completed the PADI Dive Against Debris specialty on the PADI Women’s dive Day clean up dive.

padi dive against debris specialty

OSM Ship Management PTE Ltd, Philippines, returns to El Galleon & Asia Divers!

During the weekend of 19th to 21st July, some of our regular guests from OSM Ship Management PTE Ltd, Philippines – Adrien and his colleague, Jerumel, returned to Asia Divers, for a packed weekend of fun-dives, overseen by Instructor Matt and Divemaster Cody.

OSM Ship Management at el galleon dive resort philippines


scuba diving in Puerto Galera with Asia DiversDuring the weekend, they packed in dives across some of our most popular dive-sites, including Monkey Beach, Coral Cove, Giant Clams and Sinandigan! In addition, they also joined Asia Diver’s “Dive Against Debris” in Sabang Bay, in celebration of PADI Women’s Day. Matt and Cody also managed to squeeze in an exciting night-dive with Sabine to Alma Jane wreck.

Adrien’s daughter, Lara, also joined the weekend and completed a Discover Scuba Diving experience with Matt and Cody. Great job Lara! We hope to see you again very soon in Puerto Galera!

What’s new in dive equipment at Ocean Dive Supply

Here is a piece of equipment with some new thinking, Finclip. To be attached to your Fins and you don them like you step in to the downhill skis, can’t be easier.

Check it out here and make sure you watch the video.


ODS Dry bags. We have now our own line of Dry bags through Ocean Dive Supply Philippines (ODS) with a 20L dry backpack and Two sizes of the lightweight Nylon dry bag, 5L and 10L.

See the details here:

E-IDC update

Scootering through the DPV Specialty Instructor Course

DPV Specialty Instructor Course el galleon dive resort puerto galera

Boys and Toys… Sebastien had lots of fun scootering around our reefs and we actually found some amazing critters on the way… 3 very large stone fishes mating, a huge green turtle with yellow remoras attached, and at our safety stop we were joined by not one but two cockatoo wasp fishes. What an epic dive to conclude all his specialties.

That’s all for now from El Galleon Dive Resort & Asia Divers. See you in the next blog!

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Off Season Specials at El Galleon Dive Resort & Asia Divers

off season special offer asia divers el galleon resort puerto galera philippines

Book at El Galleon Dive Resort today and save 20% on accommodation and receive complimentary breakfast!

Now extended until July 30th, 2019 for new reservations. It’s a great time of the year to be here with the warm water, and not so many people around. Check out this great offer for the month of July!

Subject to availability. This applies to direct bookings only. Drop us an email at or go to our reservations page. Please mention this offer.

Book Now

Underwater Photography Workshop

Verde Island …. Here we come!

The Underwater photography workshop this past week has flown by! We’re already planning another workshop for next year and we’ll come out with details in the next while.

asia divers underwater photography workshop puerto galera philippines

In the meantime for those of you that might be interested in starting out with underwater photography, consider taking the PADI Digital Underwater Photography course with us. You can see all the details here.


In the meantime for those of you that might be interested in starting out with underwater photography, consider taking the PADI Digital Underwater Photography course with us. You can see all the details here
The week of the summer solstice has not been a disappointment for the big WOW sunsets. The colours are just leaping out of the sky.


Who’s been doing what at Asia Divers?

Congratulations to Marielyn Kamarudzaman for crackin through her PADI Open Water course and becoming a mermaid.

padi open water diver course el galleon dive resort philippines


Congratulations to Robin Chew for earning a 300 t-shirt this week. Robin has been hangin out here for a while and we’re glad that he got this milestone dive with us.

300 dives at asia divers resort puerto galera philippines


padi enriched air nitrox course asia divers puerto galeraAsia Divers was delighted to welcome Adrien and Tina back to the resort this week for some fun dives! Adrien also completed his PADI Enriched Air Nitrox specialty course with Instructor Matt. Congratulations Adrien! We look forward to seeing you back here next month!


PADI Womens Dive Day and more!

padi womens dive day el galleon dive resort puerto galera

Come and join​ us for the weekend of July 20-21 to celebrate PADI Women’s Dive day! Book directly with us for a 20% discount on the room and we’ll also include complimentary breakfast.

On Saturday there will be a Dive Against Debris. All friends and family are invited to join of course…boys and girls. You can even get dressed up for the occasion! Why not try something new this weekend such as trying out Freediving with our PADI Freediving Instructor or perhaps a Blackwater dive.

Please contact us if you’d like to join: or send us a message.

PADI E-IDC update

Staffing Opportunity

If you are a PADI IDC Staff Instructor or even Master Instructor and interested in getting staffing experience with this upcoming IDC, you should be here in PG by 28th June latest.

This is a great opportunity to update your teaching and evaluation skills and participate in extra curricular workshops and marine conservation activities.

padi idc staff instructor experience asia divers puerto galera philippines

More info at

That’s all for this week folks, join us again next week for more Puerto Galera Scuba Diving news

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Scuba Monster, Verde Island, and PADI E-IDC begins

verde island padi idc scuba monster asia divers blog puerto galera philippines

Asia Divers welcomes Scuba Monster from Hong Kong

Very happy to have the group from Scuba Monster Hong Kong! Specialty thanks to John Ng, Jennifer Chu and Woody Tam who organized this trip. Great dives everyday and we hope to see you guys again soon!

scuba monster hong kong at asia divers puerto galera
Scuba Monster got to “The Point” pretty much as soon as they arrive. We could tell it was going to be a fun few days!


What’s been happening this week at Asia Divers?

A great day to head off to Verde Island with Ruben, Elly, Sarah, Iain, Piet, Adrian, Nicolas, Brant, Sandra, Steven and Ralph.

dive at Verde Island Puerto Galera with Asia Divers


Going to Verde Island is a breeze with Asia Divers. Our comfortable, sun covered speedboat can get us there in 30 minutes…and before all the other dive shops get there so we have the whole dive site to ourselves!

verde island dive site puerto galera philippines

verde island puerto galera philippines


Tommy on Tour week 4 & 5

dive supply tour asia divers

Tommy and Leary got so busy riding the bike last week there was no chance for an update, so we will cover 2 weeks now…

Went to see our old friends Rob and Ning Clark just south of Yass at their farm Merryville Station where they raise Lamb. Great experience for the boys to see the life on a real farm.

To Sydney to see the team from PADI Asia Pacific with some serious stuff and a few beers of course.
Straight north along the east coast until they hit Cairns.

Over the Atherton Tableland to the Purple Pub in Normanton, oil change in Mount Isa, turn right at Threeways and just arrived in Kakadu National Park.

Visit the Dive Supply Blog to read more

PADI E-IDC update

Our May IDC has just started ! Stay tuned for updates…

padi idc asia divers philippines

Everyone is so excited that the IDC has finally started and especially about writing exams on the first day… yay.

Stay tuned for all the fun updates throughout our 10 days program. Next PADI Instructor Development Course starts on 27th June 2019 with only few spaces left.

Register now for our popular 10 days IDC including EFRI. If you are a Divemaster with at least 100 logged dives, reserve your space and start now.

RSVP via or use our Contact page

That’s all from Asia Divers for this week folks. Be sure to catch up again next week!

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Your weekly Scuba fix from Asia Divers & El Galleon Resort

What’s been happening at Asia Divers and El Galleon Resort…

Skip Tucker and his EGGstrordinary group have EGGsited El Galleon…Oh what an EGGciting week it was!

eco dive group asia divers puerto galera

What a great week it’s been having Skip Tucker from Eco Dive Center in California back here again. His group loved the diving and all the non-diving fun as well.

A very big thank you to Skip for putting his trust in us and getting so many wonderful folks signed up for this trip. Thanks also to Tim Yeo at Bluewater Travel for getting the logistics nailed down. Let’s do it EGGain!!

80’s Party at The Point Bar

The 80’s themed Wigs night was a huge success with people all done up in lots of big hair.

80s wig party point bar puerto galera

point bar sabang

80s party sabang point bar

Point bar 80s party sabang puerto galera


100 Dives in Puerto Galera

100 dives at Asia Divers Puerto Galera
Congratulations to Linda Van Der Linde who did her 100th dive and of course she just had to dress up for the occasion. Somehow we missed to add this on her t-shit…but we’ll add it on next time!


100 dives in Puerto Galera at Asia Divers
Charolotte Mausolf was also super excited because she did her 100th dive on this trip. Congratulations!


birthday at el galleon resort puerto galera
Happy birthday to John Keeney who celebrated his special day here with us. Skip made sure the cake had the appropriate greeting to his very long time dear friend.


snorkeling in Puerto Galera with Asia Divers
Snorkeling mermaids with “Mama”, Linda, Laura and Rose.


Good times at Verde Island

verde island surface interval puerto galera
Verde Island Surface interval was a perfect place for the group to spend their last day after two fantastic dives on the Drop Off.


bcd party asia divers verde island
Nothing like a BCD party with cold beers while floating around the Verde Island passage!


Flying and diving do mix!

canyons dive site puerto galera asia divers
Getting super excited about the drifting through Canyons to see some of the big schools of big fishes…with Ruben, Sarah, Karl, Soren, Jesper, Charlie and Graham.

Photo Workshop – June 16-23, 2019

underwater photography workshop puerto galera asia divers

Exposure Triangle:  Learn how to balance aperture, shutter speed and ISO to create a well-exposed image. What are the most important aspects of the image?   This will determine the settings used in a particular frame.

Come and join our Photo Workshop with Phil Rudin and Beth Watson

Enhance and fine tune your underwater photography.

Join our workshop June 16-23, 2019 at El Galleon Resort/ Asia Divers. See details here.

Or contact

E-IDC update
PADI Freediving Workshop at Asia Divers

padi freediving workshop puerto galera asia divers

Our entire Asia Divers instructor team and point shop participated in a PADI Freediving workshop, learning more about the sports itself, what PADI is offering and what awesome Freediving gear we have in the point shop with Ocean Dive Supply.

We are ready to support Freedivers (recreational and competitive) and those who want to give it a try… next update when Rhuby joins in the pool… 😉


padi freediving puerto galera asia divers
And look at the cool poster we received from PADI Regional Manager Conny Jeppsen. Thanks Conny

How long can you hold your breath?

Follow the link for more information about our PADI Freediving Courses

Learn to Freedive the PADI Way

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Raja Ampat with Asia Divers


Asia Divers has charted the Indo Siren for an 11-day trip to Raja Ampat, Papua Indonesia. Dates for the trip are January 20-30, 2018 and the boat has space for 16 divers.  We still have spaces left. The price for the 10 nights on Indo Siren is € 4,200 and to confirm space we need € 1,000. The balance is needed 3 months prior departure. For more details: Tommy will conduct this trip so please email him if you need any information