News from El Galleon Dive Resort & Asia Divers, Puerto Galera

Aussie Fund Raiser End of Ride

October 13
It was a great morning, sunshine, clam sea and we decided on a breakfast to wait for the dive centres to open before we could visit them. We took a leisurely ride around town, up to the lighthouse and after we visited who we had to see it was time to head off to New Castle and down to Sydney, stopping along the way and taking in the last of our ride. It was [more]

Sydney Ride part 2 – Ride Report #30

October 12
Left around 7am for Coffs Harbour to meet up with the Jetty Dive team.
Meeting Mick, the first thing he wanted to show us was his boat, we had
talked about this boat and I was excited to see it myself. As time was a bit
short we could not go out for a dive, but a quick look was clearly a must.
Meeting up with the boat on his dry dock, looking at it he said, are you
sure you don¹t want to go for a spin! I could not resist and we all stood [more]

At Odex & Devocean Dive Cleanup – Ride Report #28

October 7, 8 & 9
Its been three days of fun here in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Leaving Eric’s home on the Sunshine Coast, Friday afternoon after a great lunch at the Edge Café Montville we headed off to Brisbane. Finding our home for the next three nights and meeting up with Matt Carter (our flat mate) we went to register and see what was happening at the ODEX dive show, where I would give a presentation on the Saturday, about our ride around Australia. That night we orientated ourselves to Brisbane, had a few beers with the exhibitors before calling it a night. [more]

Brisbane part 2 – Ride Report #27

The past two days have been easy riding and very relaxing days, no tight schedule and no need at all for early starts. Left Gladstone and headed for Bundaberg to see where they brew that Bundaberg Rum. It had been many years since I was in Bundaberg. As all these places, it really has changed and little to nothing I remembered. Had lunch and left for Tin Can Bay, the roadwork’s became less and travelling was much more pleasant. Coming into Tin Can Bay and taking a turn down along the waterfront it was clear why my old friend [more]

Brisbane Ride – Ride Report #26

October 3
Today was a very hard start after last nights mammoth drinking session with Jim and Snake. Today we left at 9am, the latest start since we left Sydney some five weeks ago. Leaving Cairns we could not help but notice the green, so much of it compared to what we have bad been seeing in the past weeks. We rode almost non stop to Townsville where we stopped and had lunch and dropped into see Craig from Remote Area Divers. After a good [more]

Perth Scuba Cleanup

It was a case of second time lucky with the weather for the “Aussie Fundraiser” on Sunday and the weather this time around was perfect. The event was a joint effort with Dive Ski & Surf (Dive Locker Fremantle) and Perth Scuba (Dive Locker Canning Vale).

The idea… To do a clean up event for Project AWARE’s Dive against Debris at the same time as raising some money for a couple of very deserving charities. [more]

Last day in the bush – Ride Report #25

October 2
Leaving Karumba we headed off back towards Normanton and back onto the Savannah Way passing through, lovely Glenore Crossing and stopping for fuel at Georgetown a population of 200, one being a very nice guy from Singapore who was running one of the two gas stations in this small town. After Georgetown we then stopped at the Undara Volcanic National Park and took a two hour tour through the Larva tubs, interesting, lots of wildlife in the park. [more]

At the Queensland – Ride Report #24

October 1
We were up at around 5am this morning, thinking of getting an early start with all intentions of going up to Karumba north of Normanton, north mid Queensland. It was a bit frustrating as we needed a little oil and the service station although awake, lights on and several staff, they would not sell us anything till 6am, not even if they were ready. A country town attitude we are learning to (slowly) to accept as the way it is, why, don’t ask! [more]