News from El Galleon Dive Resort & Asia Divers, Puerto Galera

Aussie Fund Raiser Ride to Perth #12

September 15
Left Esperance at 6:15, just missing the rain that was on its way across the bay. It was again a very good ride, with completely different scenery along the way. I took some photo’s today of the wild flowers that litter the road side. The fields of yellow Canola and some interesting country side, no more the Nullabor outback Australia we have experienced the past two to three days. Increasable how you turn a corner and it all changes so quickly. [more]

Aussie Fund Raiser Ride to Perth #10

We decided as this would be one of our biggest days riding and we were leaving from Adelaide and there should be no wild animals to worry about for the first two hours, to leave at 5am. This turned out to be a mistake, not for the animals but for the freezing cold temperatures we would endure north of Adelaide. Anyone who said one, Australia is a hot [more]

Adelaide Scuba Beach Cleanup

Adelaide Beach and underwater clean up with Adelaide Scuba was another great day. Josh and Dahni D’Ambrosio took good care of us with a fine crew of professionals setting the stage for a good day and a fun fundraiser. The beach clean up was conducted on Glenelge beach and I’m happy to say there was not a lot of debris found as the beach is kept clean, however we did find a good bag or so, [more]

On the road adventure Ride report #7

We had a great start at 7am this morning when leaving Halls Gap for a tour around the Grampians. As one of the main roads were closed due to a land slide we had to make our way around the back side of the mountain range along a dirt road that turned out to be a fantastic experience. At first we rode off onto the dirt and almost immediately to our surprise two large Kangaroo¹s jumped out just in front of us. Just a hundred meters down the road we came across a watering hole that must have had close to fifty kangaroo’s grazing, [more]

Aussie Fundraiser Melbourne Beach Cleanup

Melbourne beach and underwater cleanup was conducted last Sunday at Williamstown Breakwater. The event went very well thanks to the organisation of Vision Divers. Vision Divers Jess, did a wonderful job with the raffle tickets, BBQ and keeping everyone in line. Peter also worked the BBQ well and gave a very detailed brief of what to lookout for when in the water. [more]

Aussie Fundraiser now in Melbourne

Sydney was a great start and Monday morning August 29, it was south via Wollongong visiting dive shops in Windang, cutting up through Avondale, Moss, Goulburn and onto Yass to meet up with our very good friends Rob and Ning Clark. What a wonderful time we had with these wonderful friends. Rob had prepared a bomb fire (huge bomb fire, something you could only do on a farm) [more]