2015…bring it on!

Despite the wet conditions we had around here, everyone has been having a fine time celebrating the season. Santa and his elves arrived at El Galleon on the 24rd and delivered heaps of toys to the local kids for the 25rd year in a row! Along with Santa came a new helper who gave out dresses to the little girls. Christmas dinner at El Galleon was a delicious feast by Antoine and the crew, and now the kitchen is starting to get things rolling for the New Years dinner. Wishing everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year…and hope to see you here soon!

Although it was a bit wet, the kids showed up very excited in anticipation of Santas’ arrival at El Galleon.

It was a great night to get together with family and friends!

The Christmas Day underwater treasure hunt line-up! Thanks to everyone who got up fairly early on Christmas day to go search for “treasures”.

 Santa has arrived on the platform!

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