Air Juan flights to and from Puerto Galera


Another option for coming to Puerto Galera is by sea plane. See


One person with 20 kg = P4,500 plus 10kg @ 100 = P5,500
One person with 30 kg = P4,500 plus 20 kg @ 100 = P6,500
One person with 40 kg = P4,500 plus 30 kg @ 100 = P7,500

One person to fly with 40 kg is about the same price as taking the private transfer. The only difference is that it’s a scheduled plane and it only takes 25 to 30 min to get here.

If I am two people without excess its P9,000 (20 kg each it’s P11,000) so I could take private transfer and be cheaper, so it does not work with two or more people with the exception its faster, more fun.

Charter one way is $1,350 or with 9 pax its $150 a head or P7,050. It does not work that well for groups.

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