Air Juan flights to Puerto Galera


This is another option to come down from Manila.  Gets you here very fast with a fantastic view of the area as well!


Valid until September 31, 2016. 2.  Timings may change without prior notice. 3.   Bookings are first come first served. 4.   Minimum of 6 passengers per flight. 5.   Baggage allowance of 10 kilos per passenger applies. In excess, a fee of Php 200.00 per kilo applies. Sports and diving equipment maybe accepted subject to additional fees and weight and space capacity. Client must advise special baggage at the time of booking. 6.   Flights are non-rebookable and non-refundable. On exceptional cases, and subject to a USD50.00 fee per segment.  7.   Payment should be made 48 hours after booking. For booking made less than 24 hours before departure, payment is due immediately. No confirmation unless payment is made before flight date.

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