Andy is at it again…

Congratulations go to David Giles, Dwight Lloyd and Ming Jun “Max” Qiao on completing the Cressi-sub regulator service seminar on 9th June at Asia Divers in Puerto Galera.

With just three students on the course gave plenty of time for more personal attention per student with plenty of questions thrown around the room for all to debate upon.

In fact between David and Dwight they both come to the conclusion that with Ming taking some many photos of the guts of the regulator, the photos were going back to main land china as blue prints to copy Cressi regulator…

Once again the regulators used for strip down and rebuilding was Cressi’s very popular AC2 and MC5 first stages, while the Second stages for strip down was Cressi’s compact and ellipse regulator.

For anyone wishing to take part in this one day fully authorized course in your area then please contact Andy Norman by email:

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