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Moving into new locations with Cressi Sub courses, it was time for Andy Norman to take on Palawan as the new destination for service seminars.

Two courses were held, one in El Nido and other in Puerto Princesa, a total of 11 students, mostly dive shop operators  either using Cressi sub equipment for their rental or boldly interested in just knowing how fundamentals of this equipment operates.

In this service program there was a slight in the service Selection line-up with the new Cressi compact 2nd stage that is both lighter and just as the name names says… it more compact.

As this regulator is proving very popular with both rental and personal use, Asia Divers decided to introduce the compact into its service seminars so customers owning their own could fully understand the working operation and service of this regulator.

Once again. Congratulations go the following students..

March 2nd El Nido
Ricky Watego – El Bahura dive resort
Danny Sietaram – El Bahura dive resort
Jose Calzadilla  – Deep    Blue Seafari
Diana Calzadilli – Deep Blue Seafari
Francisco Quilis – Deep Blue Safari
Ronaldo Ipac

March 4th Puerto Princesa
Paolo Schipparilli – Moana Divers
Dino Pangiona – M/Y Sekura
Elizabeth metro Fury – Furymarine
Martyn Collins
Raffi Casinares – Submariner Diving

Next course dates: 20th March. Location: Asia Divers, Puerto Galera. Two vacancies remaining for anyone interested in taking this one day course.

If wishing to know more about the Cressi service seminar course in your area, Please contact

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