Asia Divers new compressor

08c9 Asia Divers just got a new compressor and as you can see it takes a lot of manpower just to get it to our place. Once it arrived in Sabang it took all afternoon just to get it to our place…inch by inch….

08c10Our new baby came from the distributors of LW Germany. It’s the Model LW 570ES with the upgraded filtration system  and holds the same technical specifications with an air output of 570 Ltr/min. That means if  both compressors are running they give a combined output of 1,140 Ltr / mins which equals to filling 10 tanks from 50 bar in 15 mins…WOW!! The unit is fitted with VFD so able to adjust rotation speed output to match the nitrox machine and at same time able to save on electrical power.

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