We are now set up to do day and NIGHT transfers using our speedboat. We’re very excited that we are perhaps the ONLY resort in Puerto Galera who can offer this service to our guests. We can now pick you up in Manila at the airport or hotel and get you down here any time of day or night using this service. (weather depending of course) Contact us for all the details:

Diving with friends


It was a short but sweet three-day dive trip for Paul Bronston and Steve Gershon to Puerto Galera. Steve has been coming here for many many years and he wanted to introduce his long time friend to Asia Divers. Steve and Paul go way back…I mean all the way back to being kids together! Check out the photos below.

sep18b3High school yearbook in 1968… 50 years ago! Steve says he’s the cool-looking hottie one on the right.

Sue Sue photo corner/by Sue Goodman

Sue Goodman lives here in PG and enjoys diving and taking underwater photos.  She’s been taking some very creative and artistic photos recently and I’ve asked her for a little bit of background info on how she did some of them.

There’s a lot to be said not only for the things we photograph, but HOW we photograph them.   Sometimes it’s fun to try new things and experiment a bit to bring a different look and feel to an image.  These photos were all taken with aperture wide open, strobe on minimum power, and a super-fast shutter speed.  The wide aperture lets lots of light in, but only a very narrow plane of the photo is in focus. The rest fades away in a lovely blur!!  Then during editing, it’s fun to play with white balance, colors, and any number of effects to ‘create’ something you like. Whether you’re a ‘purist’, or someone who likes to create a bit of ‘art’, photography is all about what appeals to you and what you enjoy!!  The options are limitless, and every technique has it’s place in this digital age.


Pipehorse: This little guy was SO tiny and thin…the goal was to get his head/face in focus, but he was constantly moving.  The best course of action appeared to be to plant the camera, and wait for him to swing around, hoping his head and face would pass through the plane into focus and click the shutter fast enough.  After multiple attempts, we were finally successful!  The sepia tone worked well for this image, because it lacked color, but had enough texture and contrast to look nice in monotone.


Fire urchin close up: The spines of this urchin were the focal point, and the body of the creature became a blur of pink and orange, creating a lovely background.  An interesting 3 dimensional feel was created.

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