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Allan’s Adventure in Tulum Mexico

Allan is back in Tulum for the second time this year to do some cave diving with Kelvin and Annabel. Below is a brief report from him.

This is a photo before the three of us did a 160min dive into the Blue Abyss a sinkhole in a cave system in the Cenote call Pet Cemetery. This dive was full of small restrictions, amazing decorated cave that would make any national geo reader sit up with excitement. The scale of some of the rooms with massive white stalagmites and stalactites some two meters in diameter joining together and making amazing columns to small tight rooms that you would have to be so careful not to damage the fragile decorated ceilings, truly amazing and something to be said, it was a life changing experience with a lot of WOW!

This was the first set of stairs we had to carry our equipment down to the entry point.

Take a look at the map. Note where we started the dive at the top right hand side of the map and we swam through the system to the Blue Abyss on the lower left of the map. It was about a kilometer into the cave to get to the Abyss. We entered the Abyss at 9m and came over a sinkhole, we descended to 30m and it kept going down to what I understand is below 240′. The circling was at about 3m bloody awesome place!

Annabel listening with anticipation as it was her first time to this Cenote.

Annabel listening with anticipation as it was her first time to this Cenote

Kelvin giving us a pre dive briefing.
Kelvin giving us a pre dive briefing.
Kelvin and Annabel before the big dive in Pet Cemetery.
Kelvin and Annabel before the big dive in Pet Cemetery.


Tubbataha April 2013


Alli vanished last week to take a group to Tubbataha Reef. It is the only purely marine World heritage Site in Southeast Asia. It lies at the heart of the coral triangle, the global center for marine diversity and consists of roughly 10,00 hectares of coral reefs. The area is a source of coral and fish larvae and also represents the last intact seabird habitats in the Philippines. It was a great trip for the whole group as they got to see lots of sharks, turtles, beautiful walls covered in huge seafans and sponges and even a few big rays. Asia Divers is running several live-aboard dive trips every year to many places all over the world. If you would like to be kept up to date on all the latest news and upcoming trips you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter “the Monday News”. Just drop Alli a line at and she can get you on the list.

On the road again.

El Galleon / Asia Divers will participate at the Salon de la Plongee Sous-marine in Paris January 13-16. Tommy will be there with help from Carole Pither. January 21-29 Tommy and Rudy Schmiedel will again be at the BOOT show in Düsseldorf.  At both shows we are joining Philippine Department of Tourism DIVE Philippines stand so we will be easy to find.

Into the North – Ride Report #22

September 28
Leaving Halls Creek this morning at 5:30am we rode off wondering what our ride would bring us today. The past two days had been full of adventure, but the riding from Port Headland to Halls Creek, as much as we enjoyed it, was starting to be much the same. To our surprise it did change in so many ways. First we started to find the road was no more long straits as it has been in so many places.[more]

Back on road – Ride Report #21

September 27
“Back On The Road Again”, dadadadadadadadada, dadadadadadadadada, on the road again, yes we are back on the road again after going through quiet the ordeal, we managed to get it all together, 7am hardware opens in this tiny town called Broome, hear that back home, where nothing opens before 10am!! By 7:15 we had the tool we needed and Terry was on the case, had it all back together, cleaned up and we took off for Halls Creek, some 680 kilometres down the road, by around 8am. [more]

Aussie Fund Raiser Ride to Perth #12

September 15
Left Esperance at 6:15, just missing the rain that was on its way across the bay. It was again a very good ride, with completely different scenery along the way. I took some photo’s today of the wild flowers that litter the road side. The fields of yellow Canola and some interesting country side, no more the Nullabor outback Australia we have experienced the past two to three days. Increasable how you turn a corner and it all changes so quickly. [more]

On the road adventure Ride report #7

We had a great start at 7am this morning when leaving Halls Gap for a tour around the Grampians. As one of the main roads were closed due to a land slide we had to make our way around the back side of the mountain range along a dirt road that turned out to be a fantastic experience. At first we rode off onto the dirt and almost immediately to our surprise two large Kangaroo¹s jumped out just in front of us. Just a hundred meters down the road we came across a watering hole that must have had close to fifty kangaroo’s grazing, [more]