Christmas activities at El Galleon

Troy lookin all Christmassy even after a big night’s celebration for his birthday

We’re all getting into the festive spirit now for sure. It’s been great to see many familiar faces arriving over the past week; Veronique and Nicolas, Jerry, Julie and Jenny, Bev and John, Stephanie. On the 24th Santa will pull up the sled to El Galleon to give toys out to the local kids for the 25rd year in a row! As usual, we will celebrate the season with a wonderful dinner at El Galleon prepared by Chef Antoine. To get everyone wet on Christmas morning we will also be doing our annual underwater treasure hunt. This is the perfect appetizer before our Christmas lunch! Plenty more happening over the next few days…we’ll keep you up to date with next week’s newsletter. Merry Christmas from all of us to you and yours!

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