Cressi service seminars return to Asia Divers backyard…

Returning to home territory and good old Puerto Galera, Andy Norman carried out another Cressi-sub service on 20th March in Asia Divers for IDAP students and one of our own local staff.

Despite the night before celebrations of the candidates passing the IE that made for a late start, the course eventually kicked off with the students understanding the inner workings of regulators and how to diagnose problems when then arise..

Again, the regulators used were Cressi-sub’s AC2 with the compact second stage and the MC5 with the ellipse 2nd stage, and as per usual, a small discussion on the breakdown and repair of the BCD inflation device was added at the end of the course.

Congratulations to the following students: Patrick Ramsay, Tobias Pino, Christophe Swartebroeckx, Scott Ames, Roldan Montiano

For anyone interested in the one day cress-sub service seminar please contact

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