Cressi-sub servicing seminar

With instructor students finishing off their exams with IDAP collage, some went on to gain that extra qualification in the theory and practice of servicing diving regulators by taking the one service seminar on Cress-sub regulators.

In conjunction with IDAP courses held at Asia Divers, a Cressi-sub servicing seminar, that’s free of charge, is tagged at the end of instructor course for those instructors wanting to increase their knowledge in the area of regulator theory and maintenance.

Once again, regulators used for this course were the very versatile AC2 unbalanced with XS2 second stage that is popular in the rental department with dive shop operator, while the afternoon session students went into deep theory, strip down, rebuilding and fine tuning of the  MC5 diaphragm and ellipse second stage.

Special mention goes to Ruben, who for some of you my well remember Ruben worked in the Asia Divers service department in the late 1990’s so re-teaching for him was not too much of a problem..

If wanting to know more about this course that could be easily arranged to be conducted other locations in the Philippines, please don’t hesitate to email;

Congratulations go to:

Ruben Maranan of Asia divers
Marcus Black: Blue Ribbon
Fiona Gould: Blue Ribbon
Robert Coleridge.

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