El Galleon’s honeymoon hideaway.

For many years El Galleon has provided top rate accommodation at what we are told are very reasonable rates. What is not so well known though, is that 150 meters from El Galleon is a very special complex called Waimea.
This complex is owned by El Galleon and specialises in providing top of the line accommodation for people who want to be out of the gaze of the general public. This is one reason why the guest book of Waimea reads like a Whose Who in the movie and TV world.
Waimea is very private and inside a walled garden with just one entrance which is policed 24/7
For honeymoon couples this has to be one of the most wonderful settings Asia. I could go on and on about how lovely Waimea is but this movie will allow you to see for yourself.

For further information on prices and availability please drop us an e-mail to admin@asiadivers.com mentioning your interesWaimea.

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