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Long Live the ‘Monday News’ & Underwater Photography Workshop

underwater photography at asia divers puerto galera philippines

“The Monday News” is a great way to keep up to date on what’s been going on at Asia Divers and El Galleon Dive Resort. Before Facebook, Instagram, blogs and all other social media came into play, this was how we let our previous guests and friends know who’s been doing what and what new and exciting things were coming up.

We still get people giving us comments like

“I just love coming into work on an ugly Monday morning through a massive snowfall, and icy roads and than seeing your newsletter!”

Even with all the new social media options and technology there is still a group of people out there who enjoy seeing it every Monday….so we keep it going!

Every month we change the cover photo and this month’s cover pic is a stunning nudi branch taken by Sue Goodman. Sue has been living here for several years and has been taking some really beautiful and creative photos. She really captures the beauty of Puerto Galera’s marine biodiversity within her photography.

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Awesome dive conditions continuing on this week with lots of sunny calm days, warm water and thresher sightings are still happening!

Thresher Sharks in Puerto Galera

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What’s been happening this week at Asia Divers

scuba diving in Puerto Galera, Philippines with Asia Divers

It’s been a superb time having these guys here with us this past week. Iain Caldwell, Sarah Holmes, Danaka Shaver and Kim Nguyen got to see the best of P.G. and have some good fun and laughs along the way. Congratulations to Danaka for completing her PADI Advanced Open Water and Nitrox courses.

scuba diving courses for kids asia divers puerto galera philippines

It’s been such an amazing time teaching Jack Jones, Benjamin Mansfield and Aspley Stevens to dive this week and of course to have Jack’s dad Ian Jones join in on all the dives. I’m so proud of all the hard work they did to get this accomplishment. Most especially to Jack who at eleven years old has completed the same course that an adult has to do and kept up with the big boys all week! Big congratulations to our new “mermen”!

fun at the Point Bar in Puerto Galera

Now this looks a bit dangerous….Ben and Aspley on the start of their T-shirt collection. The Point Bar is a great place to wind down or wind up at the end of the day.


PADI Open Water Diver courses in Puerto Galera Philippines

Congratulations Jerumel Deveza  on your PADI Open Water Diver qualification! The result of some intense few days and lots of determination…. Enjoy the underwater world now awaiting you as a qualified diver!!

It’s not too late to sign up for our Underwater Photography workshop happening June 16-23, 2019

Underwater Photography workshop at Asia Divers, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Less is More ~ Negative space is a welcome element in photography. It does not matter whether it is a wide angle scene or a close-up macro image. Composition is the key when working with negative space. Learn about this and much more with Phil Rudin and Beth Watson.

Photo workshop will include:

  • Hands-on in water mentoring with short slideshow presentations throughout the week
  • Learn about lighting, composition, camera settings, equipment and much more
  • Learn macro and wide angle techniques using fisheye and rectilinear lenses
  • Daily photo critiques, Lightroom and Photoshop editing techniques
  • Learn creative lighting and advanced photography techniques
  • Full details about the course can be found here:

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation.

E-IDC update

Another PADI Freediver is born…

Congratulations to Romain for achieving the PADI Freediver certification! Romain has been snorkeling and skin diving before but now wanted to get training in Freediving and came out with great achievements, for example a static breath hold time of 3:35min after an initial 2min in the pool. Fantastic! And on our open water dives we were surrounded by wide mouth mackerel, rainbow runners and schools of fuseliers…

padi freediver certification puerto galera philippines

That’s all for this week folks, visit us again next week for the latest news from Asia Divers and El Galleon Dive Resort

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Thresher Sharks in Puerto Galera get help from local divers

thresher sharks in Puerto Galera Asia Divers

The big excitement in Puerto Galera over the past while has been the thresher sharks. This photo is by one of our instructors, Andy Xie. He’s been able to get very close to the thresher sharks using his rebreather and if you read further down you’ll see the reason why he’s been getting so close to these magnificent creatures.

Puerto Galera has just been booming with thresher shark sightings over the past few weeks. Seems like there are six of them in the area now which is truly amazing. We sure do hope that they stick around for a while!

thresher shark puerto galera


Video credit : Rob Jacobs / Calypso Multimedia

Maine Maritime Academy experience tropical diving for the first time

maine maritime academy puerto galera asia divers

Oh what it week it will be!! Alan Verde and Tim Schroder are here from the Maine Maritime Academy with eighteen 20+ year olds who have never done tropical diving before. Being used to cold water diving they’ve taken the plunge mostly just in shorts and T-‘s and they are all smiling about it.

So far on day two they are completely blow away from the marine biodiversity and some have already seen one of our neighborhood sharks too! We’re all looking forward to a great week with them.

What’s been happening this week at Asia Divers

Fantastic to have Edward Lin and his friends here from Taiwan (Larry, Wu, Jean, and Yang). They had an amazing few days enjoying all the awesome diving including diving with…guess what?!

scuba divers from taiwan with asia divers puerto galera
Status Quo for the wooden-hulled private boats of Puerto Galera

puerto galera wooden boats petition

We appeal to all friends to help us, please sign this petition. This is to try to stop the phase out of the private bangkas. If this happens it will affect tourism in Puerto Galera in a major way. Please pass this along and sign.

Sign the petition

Rebreather divers help tangled thresher shark in Puerto Galera

It’s been quite a week for thresher shark sightings in Puerto Galera. There have been 3-4 of them around pretty much every day now and our divers are getting some real close encounters with them. Unfortunately there is fishing line tied up around two of them. Andy Xie and Aaron Gillespie went out on their rebreathers. Check out the report from Andy below.

thresher sharks in puerto galera tangled in fishing line


Day 1: With a 120-minute bottom time, we finally gained the trust from the sharks, and the opportunities to get closer. Actually there are two sharks tangled in fishing lines. The lines cut deeply in their dorsal fins. We made two successful cuts out of three times attempts, and removed half of the lines from the shark that was in a worse situation. We will continue this action tomorrow to remove as many lines as we can. We appreciate it a lot that when Asia Divers learned about our plan, they assign us a boat free of charge, and give us many supports. Divers: Andy Xie and Aaron Gillespie.

rebreather diver helps tangled thresher shark


Day 2: It didn’t go smoothly as we expected. 120 minutes bottom time. The healthy shark came first to detect as it did yesterday. Then brought us a new friend, a thresher with a bent dorsal fin (is it an injury from badly fight or hit? See photo 7), using pectoral fins with great effort to keep balance. Three sharks came closer to us, but the two tangled didn’t show up. Is it because the temperature increased by 1℃ or they are afraid of seeing too many divers? We removed fishing lines at the bottom about 20m long to prevent further harms to the creatures. We will dive tomorrow as well. Wish us good luck to cut off more lines from the sharks.

rebreather diver helps tangled thresher sharks

andi xi helps thresher sharks

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