News from El Galleon Dive Resort & Asia Divers, Puerto Galera

Maldives October 10-16, 2010

Asia Divers had another fantastic trip aboard the Manthiri Live-aboard boat with Moosa as out host again. It was six days of cruising in the sunshine with manta filled waters, excellent food and service, and great friends to share it with. The big excitement for this time of year was the chance to see the manta aggregation…and we weren’t disappointed. Imagine being surrounded by so many mantas that you can’t see the water! Alli is still smiling about it.  Thanks to Stephanie Scawen, Sheila Cooke, Veronique Ficheux, Ali Philipot, O and Debbie Leenutaphong, Elaine Kunkle, Gladys Yao, Scott and Jodi Milliken, and Judy Banning for joining this trip.

A couple of beautiful manta shots by Elaine Kunkle

Hello and welcome to the new El Galleon and Asia Divers Blog.

In recent months there have been some major changes going on, both to our resort and to our web site.

The changes to our Web site have been extensive and this Blog has been introduced to help keep you informed of special offers and deals you can enjoy.  We are launching the blog with a free draw to win 3 nights accommodation at El Galleon. 

To enter the draw simply add this feed to your e-mail program and send an e-mail to  The winner will be picked at random and the results published here on November 15th.

September saw the completion of our new pier and dive storage.

This was a major undertaking and took many months of construction. The decking itself has been made to perform a dual purpose. By day the pier functions as a dive station with storage for 100 peoples clothes and accessories in the dive store, whilst on the outside deck there are wash tanks for wet suits and gear, mobile racks to dry wet suits and a a filling station for dive tanks.

Asia Divers dive store for diving gear.

Although tanks can now be charged on the pier, the compressor with it’s attendant noise is where it has always been, back on the shore.

The first hint as to the full function of the pier decking comes when you see that along the edge of the pier, sections can be lifted to provide sun loungers, where you can relax and soak up the sun.

Sun loungers on the beach resort pier.
Life at El Galleon is fun

Closer inspection shows that entire sections of the pier can be raised to create tables. Indeed, when all tabes are raised from the decking there is seating for approximately 90 people.

Dining on the pier.
Dinner on the pier.

We shall be hosting themed dinners approximately once a month as an excuse to party.

Dinner is served.
Oink Oink !

If you plan to visit us, check out our blog to see what events are planned during your visit. You can tap in to receiving all our Blogs by adding this RSS feed to your e-mail program

We shall be doing our very best to see that we now proide you with all the latest information on current and coming events at the El Galleon resort as well as updating you with the fun things happening here.