Asia Divers and El Galleon at the forefront of technology.

It is true that everything is in a state of change and few things more so than scuba diving and the Internet.  In recent years we have seen great changes in the diving world with things like dive computers coming in, then Nitrox and Trimix and the same has been true of web sites.

We now believe that any web site that relies on .jpg pictures and words to explain anything as interesting and exciting as scuba-diving is destined for extinction.

El Galleon and Asia Divers have spent the last year trying to improve our ability to communicate with our customers and potential customers and to that end some enormous work has been done on the Asia Divers web site.

Now we are happy to unveil our latest step forward in the field of video. We would love to hear your opinions of what we have done so far or suggestions of things you would like to see us do.

Take a look at what you can expect to see when diving here in Puerto Galera. Diving movie.

Until next time.


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