Chinese New Year at El Galleon

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A big welcome to this wonderful group from China. Xiao Long Tan and Elaine started the Beijing Divers Club decades ago, maybe even the first dive club in China. Tan was Tech Asia’s point of contact with the National Museum of China’s Archaeological Dept, which kept tech Asia quite busy with over sixty technical courses when they trained their teams up to Trimix and Wreck Diver. Sam took them all to Florida for Cave Courses. Oliver (Jie Ao) was also one of that group. Last time we saw them was in 2014 when they flew Sam and Dave Ross up to Guilin to help with a cave project. Diving with us on this trip were: Ao Jie, Fei Lui, Xinyi Zhang, Xiao (Tan) Long, Yi (Elaine) Chen, and Sun Yanna

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