Maldives October 10-16, 2010

Asia Divers had another fantastic trip aboard the Manthiri Live-aboard boat with Moosa as out host again. It was six days of cruising in the sunshine with manta filled waters, excellent food and service, and great friends to share it with. The big excitement for this time of year was the chance to see the manta aggregation…and we weren’t disappointed. Imagine being surrounded by so many mantas that you can’t see the water! Alli is still smiling about it.  Thanks to Stephanie Scawen, Sheila Cooke, Veronique Ficheux, Ali Philipot, O and Debbie Leenutaphong, Elaine Kunkle, Gladys Yao, Scott and Jodi Milliken, and Judy Banning for joining this trip.

A couple of beautiful manta shots by Elaine Kunkle

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