New shipment of Underwater Kinetics light have just arrived from USA.

Underwater lights
Latest in eLED bright lights

All are the eLED type, bright and with long burning time. Depth rating

is 500ft/150m for all lights, manufactured in USA.


The C4 are powered by 4 C Alkaline batteries that burn for 8h if you run

the light on high and almost 16h on low. The light output has increased

significant from previous model to 275 lumens on high.


SL4 runs by 4 C Alkaline as well but burns for 10h. The light output have

more then tripled to 400 lumens comparing to last years model.


The rental favorite SL3 has an increased light output from 98 to 125 lumens

and the 3 C Alkaline batteries gives you 32h burning time. With this burning

time the SL3 is perfect for rental use as well as personal use. Don’t need to

carry spare battery for your weeks diving holiday !!


Mini Q40 is a great little back-up light or for day dives to light up holes and

under overhang. Gives you 77 lumens and burn for 4-5h powered by 4 AA

Alkaline batteries.

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