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We have many photographers coming to Asia Divers because of the great photo opportunities here. They can get shots of many weird and wonderful creatures, along with of course all the beautiful corals and fishes. Thanks to Stewart Clarke from Dubai for sending us these two fantastic photos and a good write up on them. I suspect Stewart will be eager to enter our 25th Anniversary Photo Competition! Details for that will be out real soon.

Blue ring octopus at Asia Divers in the Philipines

Blue ring octopus


The Blue Ring

This shot was taken on at The Boatyard, a relatively new dive site that we had been informed had great potential for critters due the muck diving nature of it. We had already found two giant frogfish on the main wreck there and had decided to have a search around the reef that fringed the dive site. After finding numerous shrimps, nudibranch and crabs we were getting to the point where the dive was almost finished then out of the corner of my eye I saw a slight flash of blue on top of a small coral head. Looking closer I found this little fella perched on top of a yellow and blue sponge. Then came the decision of either informing my fellow photographer buddy or being selfish and taking my own shots with the chance that the Blue Ringed Octopus could disappear in a second. I chose the former and the next five minutes were spent in the joyous company of this amazing creature, it was only when he started getting a little bit feisty that we called it a day and returned to the boat with beaming smiles and full memory cards.


Bug Eyed Shrimp

The Bug Eyed Squat lobster – Munida olivarae

This shot was taken on another dive at The Boatyard (quickly becoming a personal favourite site). We had decided to concentrate more on the reef this time hoping to bump into our friend from the previous day, instead we were treated to a wide array of shrimps, nudibranch, tiny lionfish and of course this wee critter. I had stuck my head under a small rock overhang to take a closer look at a small lionfish when the lobster decided to stick his head out to see what all the fuss was. I love the eyes on this guy and he reminded me of Marty Feldman, a comedian from the 1970s (think Igor in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein movie). It just goes to show that the closer you look at what is around you the more chance you have of finding some truly amazing little critters with Asia Divers.

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