Photo Workshop with Mike Bartick

January 25-30, 2014 at El Galleon/Asia Divers

Join us for The Essential Underwater Photography Workshop with Mike Bartick. It’s for any camera, Dslr, or compact.  This is what will be covered on a daily schedule: 1st morning is orientation and each day after: 7:00am is a photo review session before the eight a.m. dive. ten-thirty  dive, Lunch, SI break, photo seminar and discussions, presentations aprx. 45 minutes, 16:00 dive, 18:00 night dive, dinner, evening – Photo slide show, discussion and critique one on one or natural history talk.

The Essential Underwater Photography Workshop includes:

  1. Macro lighting and Compositions
  2. Super Macro Lighting and Compositions, Strobe Angles
  3. Wide Angle- Lighting and Compositions-Working with a Model
  4. Wreck Photography and Wrecks with a Model
  5. Behavior-shooting with a longer lens

Contact if you’re interested.

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