Steph’s documentary

It was a very quick visit for Stephanie Scawen and her team as she came here on a mission for only one day. The mission was to do two dives and get it on film…mission accomplished…with smiles all around! This is by Steph: “I’ve been coming to Puerto Galera and Asia Divers for over 13 years. Sam taught me to dive. Alli helped me through my Dive Master and then I completed my Instructor rating. In that time I’ve always worked in TV, but I never imagined I would come here to film part of a documentary for Al Jazeera television about me and what it is like to be a disabled diver with Multiple Sclerosis. But here I am. Diving with MS is possible! And thank God it is because it keeps me sane. I have to thank Francis for his brilliant way of getting me on and off the dive boat. Hope I haven’t crippled him 🙂 You can see MS & Me, the Search for a Cure on Al Jazeera later this year as part of the Correspondent series.”

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