Typhoon Relief Update

Thank you to everyone that has supported the grass-roots campaign of PG Dive Centers to support the relief effort. We have been working with other dives centers in our area and have had tremendous support. Rick Kirkham went to Malapascua and should be back online by the end of the week with photos of the relief effort. He will also be visiting DAANBANTAYAN in northern Cebu which has yet to be even accessed by the Red Cross. The rumor is of 14000 families homeless.

The money has poured in and there are vans with food and construction supplies being bought in Cebu and winging their way up to the island. Last Wednesday several tons of supplies from Springboard Foundation were being shipped for free by LBC foundation from Manila.

Come next week more food will be needed. This is a disaster that will continue to need help for months to come. If you would like to donate please contact Alli at instructors@asiadivers.com.

A very special thank-you to our partners Cressi, Waterproof, and LW Compressors for their generous support.

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