Good bye to Island Dreams Travel


It’s been wonderful to have the Island Dreams Travel group of 27 with us this past week enjoying the sun and the sea in Puerto Galera. The group has seen the best of the area including the beautiful healthy corals, heaps of fishes, some weird and wacky critters and the stunning Verde Island. Thank you so much to Ken Knezick for all your support in getting this together! With Sandy Alexander, Alena King, Jacquelyn Coles, Anson Phetteploce, Jackie Reid, Catherine Tolbert, Chester King, Christie Guion, Diana Green, Eva Buskas, John Amador, Jon Haddan, Karen Flynn, Lance Glowacki, Lucinda Sherry Elliot, Mary Lou Reid, Meiyin Yap, Michelle Gourley, Patricia Low, Raymond Janik, Richard Crofoot, Samuel Maslowski, Stacey Janik, Theresa King, Theresa Whiteside

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