Mark Mitchel’s keen eye found this.

Another first find in Puerto Galera

Mark Mitchell has some shot some pretty amazing photos and this week he and Jamie found this Spiny Tiger Shrimp (Phyllognatia ceratophthalmus), also called the Bongo Shrimp, or Horned Bumblebee Shrimp. None of us have ever seen this before so we were all quite excited to see the photos that Mark got. They belong to the same family as the Harlequin Shrimps and are relatively small in size – they grow to a maximum of 2 cm but are often smaller. They live cryptic and are usually hidden in sponges, rubble, Algae or broken coral – mostly in an encrusted mix of them. Often in pairs – sometimes even in little groups or families. Characteristics are their beautiful coloration, their spikes and their wave like movements. Cool huh?!! Check out more of Mark’s photos on the link below:


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