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Clowning around!

Photos by Matt Hubball

Last month I noticed that there were many clown fish eggs appearing in one week over several different dive sites.  This intrigued me and made me want to look into this a bit deeper and find out why. I noticed this more just after the full moon which this time was known as a Super Moon! I was wondering if this is the time that eggs are laid? Hmmmm….So searching around on the internet I found out some interesting facts about our little orange buddies. Continue reading

Splash for trash

Thanks to the whole gang who took part in today’s International Coastal Clean-up dive.  Matt, Snake, Alli, Brian, Brad and Sue came back with rice sacks full of nasty and gnarly stuff from Dalaruan / San Antonio. The main items seem to be paint cans and boat repair items such as plastic cords, tins and jars. There was also lots of old clothing and diapers.

We keep doing these clean-ups year after year in hopes that it will teach everyone in the area the importance about not throwing the rubbish in the ocean. It’s still a long way to go…but every little bit helps!

Asia Divers Splashed for trash

In effort against ocean debris Asia Divers hosted an underwater clean up this past weekend in the shallow waters of Small Lalaguna bay. Lots of trash was collected including 2 umbrellas. Check out the photo above. Keep an eye out for future posts about other clean-up projects and send us a message if you’re interested in taking part.

Hot and Sunny in Puerto Galera!

This is the view from our office right now! Beautiful sunny weather, calm water and great vis under it…what more do you want?!  Many folks get frightened off coming here because they think the weather is bad during this time of year, but they are so wrong. We get some of our best diving over the months of June to September and the water temp will stay around 29-30 degrees. So….Come on down!!

Asia Divers cleans-up.

Cleaning the ocean off Puerto Galera
You are going to need a mch bigger bin than that!












Asia Divers participated in an under water clean up dive organised by the Sabang Barangay. It was an afternoon of cleaning above and below the water to help encourage everyone to have a good think about what they are throwing away and keep Puerto Galera beautiful. Lots of folks from our community turned out to get in on the fun and also to get a new t-shirt and snacks. Thanks to Troy, Ruben, Kjell and Mazi, who “splashed for trash”!

Cleaning up Sabang waters and beach 2012












Cocos Island on Wind Dancer April 28-08 May, 2012.

Liveaboard trip - Cocos Island on Wind Dancer April 28-08 May, 2012.
Group enjoying the Cocos Island trip on the Wind Dancer liveaboard.












On the trip was from the left back row: Mark, Andreas, Wolfgang, Tommy, Ulf, Luc, Mikael and Rudy left middle row: Allan, Fitri, Dave, Rosina, Maria, Leen, Suzi, Brian, Kenneth and Ali and in the front John and Johan, missing on the picture is Andre, guess he had a nap.

Half of the team who went for the Cocos Island trip started with 3 days of Whitewater rafting and some other activities but that is another story.

We all got picked up for the 1 1/2h bus ride down the port town Puntarenas and once onboard the Wind Dancer we didn’t waste any time. The 34h hour crossing to Cocos Island went very smooth and we quickly got in the water soon after breakfast. 

We had 7 days of world class diving with more fish then you want as the small ones often got in the way while you tried to spot the Hammerhead sharks in the distance! The wallpaper of Scalloped Hammerhead sharks was what Cocos Island is known for, but due to the very warm water 29-30 degrees we didn’t see as many Hammerheads as expected. They were still there in number but obviously the great amount was down deeper in cooler water. However we got some compensation for this in a approx. 4 meter Tiger shark who was spotted on number of dives, very cool!! Add lots of Whitetip Reef sharks, quite a few Silky sharks as well as Galalagos sharks and some hunting Blacktip sharks on the surface, so we got some action.