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Shanghai American School students ‘Dive against Debris’ and news from Asia Divers

Shanghai American School students Dive against Debris

We’ve had two amazing groups with us this week at Asia Divers: Maine Maritime Academy and Shanghai American School!

Farewell to the Maine Maritime Academy group. This group of 20 has enjoyed their tropical water diving experience for sure. Every dive was a feast for the eyes for them to be seeing the amazing biodiversity of Puerto Galera.

Thanks to Alan Verde, Tim Schroder and our good friends from Island Dreams for making this all come together. We’ve loved diving with you guys and hope that you can come back again.

maine maritime academy asia divers puerto galera

What a great few days with this group of students from Shanghai American School.


Their “Caring for Coral “ week started at Stairway Foundation in Aninuan and then the last part of their trip was dedicated to completing their PADI Open Water training dives and joining in for the Project Aware specialty, “Dive Against Debris”.

Shanghai American School asia divers puerto galera

Thanks so much to Kevin David for all the organization this took, and also to Karl Poulin and Joey Zhang for having it all run so flawlessly. This was also our first time to work with Big Blue Diving in Shanghai as they did the academic and confined water dives there. We hope to do more of this collaboration in the future with them and we’re already looking forward to seeing the Shanghai American School back again next year.

“Splash for trash!”

dive against debris puerto galera shanghai school asia divers

sabang bay dive against debris reef cleanup puerto galera

These we’re the results from our “Dive Against Debris” in our Project Aware, adopted dive site, Sabang Bay. Twenty four participants from the Shanghai American School plus their instructors participated. It’s amazing how much you can collect in just one dive! Along with picking up the trash on a very beautiful area some of us got to see a couple turtles and sea snake. The kids enjoyed sorting and collecting the trash and the data will be sent to Project Aware. Every small piece was counted.

A very busy dive platform!

asia divers scuba diving center sabang puerto galera


Congratulations to everyone at the Shanghai American School. 22 PADI Open Water divers and 26 Project Aware Dive Against Debris Divers!

Let’s get to The Point!

point bar el galleon resort sabang puerto galera

The Point Bar was rockin on the last night of the Maine Maritime Academy group. 24 T-shirts all in all for the night….2 jelly tours, 11 Shark Attack, 5 Stairway to hell, 3 The Point, 1 Tim Bridge and 2 Walk of Life plus a few bell rings in the mix!!

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Photo Corner


Wonderful to have Gino Symus back here again recently and see some of the amazing photos he took. These two are a great example of behaviors of animals and should be entered in some competitions!

ADEX Voice of the Ocean Competition 2017


Congratulations to Beth Watson for being the ADEX Voice of the Ocean Competition 2017 Environmental Photo of the year Winner! A photo that represents the effects of climate change or the efforts made to confront it. The judges were looking for a photograph that makes people stop and stare, and that affects them enough to want to do something about protecting our environment. This gorgeous shot, titled “Hope Spot”, was shot in the Apo Reef, last year on an Asia Divers trip to Tubbataha and Apo onboard the Discovery boat, standing out from over 100 submitted entries.
Beth is again walking away some cool prizes!

#StopSharkFinning project


Check out these very cool shirts! This project has been started by one of our good friends Alex Suh. 100% of profits go to #StopSharkFinning project. You can order at under products.

Let it go, let it go…


Our boat man Kim found this poor little seahorse floating on the surface with a leaf in Verde Island so they decided to call it “Kabayo” (means horse in Tagalog). Kim took it back to home and set it free into the ocean.  At least there’s some sandy bottom area and food to keep it happy.


#StopSharkFinning project


This project has been started by one of our good friends Alex Suh.  % of profits go to #StopSharkFinning project. “Shark Diver” men’s T-shirt and women’s loop blouse with one of Alex’s Great White Shark images. Made by Prawno Apparel so you know the quality and softness. Order at under products. Limited quantity and sizes, order soon.

Asia Divers Instructor Development/iDAP College news


Yea! We did it again! Our September Instructor Development Course (IDC) started in style with a very fun Dive Against Debris in the Sabang Bay. We recovered 13kg of trash including rice sacks, fishing lines and unusual steel items and reported all data to Project AWARE. It’s a great feeling to get involved in ocean conservation and being able to take direct action. Some of our fun divers joined right in and helped to fill the sacks for a good cause…High five to Alex, Michael, Juta, Lutz, Jamie and Sabine.



Project AWARE certifications and limited edition cards


Congratulations to Beth and Steve  Watson, Damien and Rob Jacobs, Hanno Jansen, Amit Kakar, Matt Hubball, Felicity Lee and Ross McLeod who have all successfully completed their “Project AWARE – Dive Against Debris Diver” Specialty certification and earned themselves a fancy limited edition 50 years PADI – Project AWARE certification card…(see picture)

These folks are certainly not letting their dives go to waste – and are now able to organize and conduct the ‘Dive Against Debris’ survey so it counts towards future policy development and implementation, while being very conscious of their buoyancy and applying good judgment on what to collect underwater and what to leave. We had especially great discussions about the impacts of plastics in the food chain and how debris can be avoided in the first place. Students apparently even had fun during the knowledge reviews – here is an example Q&A: Question: “List and describe criteria you should use when deciding whether to remove objects from underwater.” Student’s answer: “Is it debris or something I can sell on eBay, like pirate treasure”… B) Great recycling thought !

Have a look at the video of their graduation dive…

Project AWARE – Dive Against Debris at Asia Divers


Great fun we had on the special event dive: a Project AWARE – Dive Against Debris !!
14 divers descended at the Sabang Wrecks on a ‘treasure hunt’ for debris items and were accompanied by a large green turtle, beautiful frogfish, juvenile crocodile fish, scorpion fish, a school of batfishes, rabbit fish, and lots of other reef fishes.
A staggering 32.6kg of debris was collected on this dive, while participants learned to identify what to pick up, what to leave on the bottom and what to appreciate even more. We collected a relatively new tire, rescued reefs and turtles from fishing lines, food wrappers, and little plastic fragments that don’t biodegrade… even a black bikini top was recovered. All items were counted and reported to Project AWARE where the data are used as statistical evidence for policy development and implementation.
We finished the dive on a floating bar for some celebratory ‘orange juice’ 🙂 and exchanged stories from the event underwater.

It was a lot of fun to have a great dive and at the same time contribute to the ocean health.
Thanks to all who joined the event… Beth, Steve, Sue, Hanno, Amit, Felicity, Rob, Damien, Khalia, Ross, Allison, Pete, Matt, and especially thanks to Sabine Henkel for organizing this and to Beth Watson for taking amazing pictures during our dive and Rob as our wonderful videographer.  Enjoy the pictures…

For those interested, the report can be found here:

Sea Base Life


This blog is about interesting sea life that has been sent to us by SeaLifeBase. The one is about “Ocean Giants: colossal squid”.

Who here have watched the movie “Clash of the Titans”? Remember the scene when Zeus shouted “Release the Kraken!” to his men? Kraken actually refers to a squid-like sea monster and among the family of squids, there are two known largest species. First is the heaviest – the colossal squid Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni commonly found in the Antartic. To read more, please see:
You can become a SeaLifeBase collaborator. WHAT is a “SeaLifeBase collaborator,” and WHO can be one? In a nutshell, SeaLifeBase collaborators are the people who help us by: a) sending or alerting us to references and photos, which we have not yet used; b) assembling data from published sources using a preformatted template; and/or c) verifying or correcting data that we have extracted and incorporated into the information system.  Some of them are — but not limited to — biologists, taxonomists, scientists, and other experts.  Some are aquarists, photographers, businessmen, and marine-life enthusiasts.  Truly, we welcome contributions from anybody who has a passion for marine life.