End of Movember

Sporting a month of growth.

And so Movember came to an end in the point bar on the 30th with Ferg, Wayne, Josh, Jamie, Brad, Pete and Troy getting together for a few drinks to compare their mo’s.

You can decide who grew the best mo, and if you look really close…. Yes, Wayne dose have a mo!  Most important was why they grew them.  Movember is an official charity that raises awareness and money for prostate cancer; the guys at Asia Divers managed to do both and had a bit of a laugh doing so.

Half on or half off ?
Peter Eaton
Is Peter shaving or just checking his make up?

Having a shave in the point after a few beers with the smallest mirror you can find can be a bit dangerous!

A  very smooth bunch of guys.
A very smooth bunch of guys.

The end product ………..


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