Farewell to the gang from the Eskilstuna Dive Center in Sweden

It’s been a wonderful time for Pia Carlsson from the Eskilstuna Dive center in Sweden and they are not looking forward to the cold dark days back home. They’ve all enjoyed the warm temperatures and the amazing diving in Puerto Galera.

The toys, clothing and toothbrushes that they generously brought from Sweden have started their journey to those less fortunate. Some of it was sent with Tommy’s wife Lina to Calapan. Lina has organized many of these projects before and really knows who will benefit the most from such a donation. At home she and her family packed up everything into individual bags. Each bag had a toy or two, a little light, toothbrush. Lina organized toothpaste, cup cake snack and a drink for each bag.

One place that got the donation was an orphanage. She could not take too many photos there as it was really not allowed. They were so happy and thankful to receive these gifts.

b3Another group who received the gifts were kids from a few different schools. One particular group of kids go to school in a local barangay hall. These kids are very poor and most can’t afford to attend a regular school. The teachers volunteer their time and even give them a free meal so they will attend.

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