This is second blog about interesting sea life that has been sent to us by SeaLifeBase. The is about “Ocean Giants: Lion’s Mane Jellyfish” Please see:
You can become a SeaLifeBase collaborator
We get many photographers coming to Asia Divers who take some pretty amazing photos of the marine life in Puerto Galera, We encourage all of you to become a SeaLifeBase Collaborator. Please see below:

WHAT is a “SeaLifeBase collaborator,” and WHO can be one?

In a nutshell, SeaLifeBase collaborators are the people who help us by: a) sending or alerting us to references and photos, which we have not yet used; b) assembling data from published sources using a preformatted template; and/or c) verifying or correcting data that we have extracted and incorporated into the information system. Some of them are — but not limited to — biologists, taxonomists, scientists, and other experts. Some are aquarists, photographers, businessmen, and marine-life enthusiasts. Truly, we welcome contributions from anybody who has a passion for marine life.

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