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Tips to Improve Blackwater Diving Photography in Puerto Galera

blackwater diving puerto galera

At a particularly moonless and cloudy night, the pitch-black sky blends with the featureless blackwater diving site – just a short boat trip away from Puerto Galera. In the seemingly endless abyss, a magical scene emerges as your vision becomes accustomed to the dark. Small floaters and ghostly swimmers surround you, some translucent and bizarre-looking, but all worthy of a great series of photos.

Here are four tips to improve your blackwater photography so that you can make full use of the unique blackwater environment.

1. Master buoyancy

If you haven’t mastered neutral buoyancy, underwater photography at any time of day can be a great challenge. In blackwater, it gets harder because your camera works in a light-poor environment, even if you use flashlight and strobes. Any movement is sensitive and the camera demands that you stay still for a dozen seconds at a time.

Another advantage of peak-performance buoyancy is that easily-startled critters would feel less anxious in front of you as you don’t make so much movement. Smaller critters would not be pushed away by agitated water, which often happens when a diver moves too much.

2. Know your camera’s lighting needs

On land, try to experiment with macro shots at a shallower depth of field. A general rule of thumb for underwater photography is to get closer to the subject, instead of zooming.

If you take the shot at a distance while zooming, what happens is that there will be too little light for the camera to be able to focus perfectly, not to mention light scattering as your camera takes in more detail than it needs.

Some cameras require even more light at a minimum focal distance, so be sure to know how much light your camera requires.

3. Mind your light

Your lights have three functions: to help the camera focus, to help you find critters, and sometimes to attract critters to you.

The amount of light and exposure can also be affected by the type of light focus you choose – floodlight or spot. Spotlighting can be beneficial not only to find critters in the distance but also to provide a higher amount of light over a concentrated area. This is useful to photograph translucent critters as some absorb light.

It’s also important to not disturb light-sensitive nocturnal animals with spotlighting. Floodlights are a better choice to work with for easy-to-shoot critters.

4. Have patience and keep track of time

Many people get the hang of night photography in just a couple of hours on land. On your first few blackwater dives, you may only get a few good shots. While it is tempting to stay longer underwater to maximize your practice time, please remember the safety protocols of scuba diving and return to the surface at the right time.

Be patient, and keep practicing. Blackwater photography is a rare skill that takes years to fully master.

Dive with us!

At Asia Divers, our active community of blackwater divers is known to be very friendly and helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact us and become part of this great community.

Advantages of Blackwater Diving in The Philippines

Blackwater diving philippines

As you scroll down The Atlantic’s result of the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest, there is a blackwater photo by Songda Cai of a transparent, bioluminescent conger eel coiling like a spring, darting its eyes upon a lone crustacean.

Some people may think that an underwater robot took this amazing photo at mysterious depths where divers can’t ever possibly go. But this photo was taken manually by a person. Underwater photographers such as Songda Cai can achieve this effect while blackwater diving in the Philippines.

What is Blackwater Diving?

Blackwater diving is similar to night diving. The only difference is that blackwater diving takes place over deep-sea channels or far from the coast, while night diving takes place on shallower water near coral reefs.

In the vast dark void, you can come across many beautiful sightings, often to many beginners’ surprise. As you dive in blackwater, you get to witness a daily vertical migration where pelagic planktons and larvae rise to shallower depths to feed on surface algae. This attracts larger creatures such as tunas, swordfish, cephalopods, and even whales.

What’s even more exciting is that the extremely limited amount of light allows you to spot a few bioluminescent creatures that are only detectable in the dark. This would give you plenty of challenges for underwater photography.

Where are some of the best spots for blackwater diving in the Philippines?

If you ask any seasoned blackwater diver, two locations in the Philippines come to mind: Anilao and Romblon. In these places, you get to see rare pelagic seahorses. Seahorses typically stay within the reef boundaries, but not these ones!

Asia Divers is quite close to another location offering an equally spectacular collection of nocturnal marine animals – The Verde Island Passage. Here you get to see the bioluminescent comb jellyfish, colonies of pyrosomes, and blanket octopuses. You don’t get to see these in the reefs directly in front of Asia Divers and El Galleon Dive Resort!

What are the advantages of blackwater diving?

Blackwater diving philippines asia divers

Photo by Beth Watson

1. You can test your courage of facing the unknown

Remember your first-night diving experience? We can imagine that it felt exhilarating; the feeling of conquering the underwater world at night adds to your personal list of things people wouldn’t do, but you can.

But blackwater diving is a completely different thing altogether. The reefs and colorful corals provide ample reference points for you, even as you navigate in the near dark. When you dive in blackwater for the first time, you will have an eerie feeling of sensory deprivation since you can’t find a reference point anywhere around you.

You’ll instantly feel the need to trust your dive group more than ever as they are one of the few reference lights that are comforting your eyes. Another source of light comes from a modified rope with a buoy that also attracts tiny organisms to swim towards it.

After a while, you will feel that comfort begins to settle into your mind as you feel safe even in such an environment. The transformation from fear to acceptance is something that is quite familiar to divers.

2. You’ll find sea creatures you’ve never seen before

Even if you cross paths with only familiar animals in the blackwater, you’ll notice something different about them.

Under a new light, their behavior will be unlike anything you’d expect. For instance, you might see cuttlefish taking advantage of their dark environment to rapidly change their pigments – making multicolored moving ribbon patterns across their body.

Pelagic squids seem to fly over you like in outer space and bioluminescent zooplankton becomes prey to fluorescent eels and sea snakes. Some vulnerable larval lobsters are translucent while bright-colored pufferfish and boxfish contrast against the pitch-black background.

3. You get to test your underwater photography skills

All these sea creatures look amazing and you definitely want to take photos to preserve them forever on film.

The challenges of underwater photography in blackwater are twofold. Firstly, you need to maintain neutral buoyancy while slowly approaching your subjects, being careful not to stir or push them away from you. Secondly, you need to know the precise camera settings for blackwater photography.

Underwater photographer Mike Bartick has a few suggestions to share. He advises higher ISO values (360-600 for DSLR), higher F-stops (f/18 – f/25), and a middle-low shutter speed of 1/200 sec.

“I prefer higher ISO so that I can push my F-stop higher while using a lower strobe power. This allows my strobes to recycle faster for repeat exposures. If the subject is shiny, quickly increase your F-stop to reduce over-exposures. If the subject is a little further away, open your F-stop” – Mike Bartick.

For more insight related to underwater photography, visit his website at saltwaterphoto.com.

A few things to remember for safe blackwater diving

Remember to stay close to your group and follow your dive instructor. Pay attention to hand signals and how to deliver them with a flashlight. It’s best not to use a diver propulsion vehicle as the engine noise may scare away animals or disturb feeding behavior. Likewise, don’t bring any food to feed the animals.

Dive with Asia Divers

If you’re interested in blackwater diving with us, check out our dedicated blackwater diving page. Make sure that you’ve received basic formal training before taking our PADI specialty courses, which includes night diving and underwater photography.

Asia Divers Underwater Photo Workshop begins!

underwater photography workshop 2019 asia divers puerto galera

After many months of planning we’re super excited to see this day. Our photo workshop with two very talented underwater photographers Phil Rudin and Beth Watson has just started.

phil rudin underwater photography workshop asia divers 2019beth watson underwater photography workshop asia divers 2019

The camera room is busting at the seams and everyone is all good to go for a great week of learning, shooting and fun. It’s very much a hands-on workshop with a chance for everyone to get some training on techniques for both in and out of the water. Mixed in with lots of great diving, there will be some presentations, lessons in Lightroom and of course getting to learn from each other. Very excited to see what everyone comes out with this week.

What’s been happening at Asia Divers?

It’s been 8 years since we’ve seen Dave Archer here. It’s been wonderful to have him, TasaneeJames and Kimmy here with us. Congratulations to James who has taken his first steps in diving on this trip, doing the Bubblemaker course in the pool and then out on some dives in the ocean.

archer family at el galleon dive resort puerto galera


Justin, Camden, Elly, Elsie, Allen and Jackie can hardly wait to jump in to the 29 degree water!

asia divers summer puerto galera philippines


Perhaps some new hops in the works for El Galleon. We’ll keep you posted…

crazy carabao brewing company philippines

Alli and Artur celebrating in the Sports Bar right after the Raptors won the NBA game. It was a very nail biting last few minutes. The flag will now earn its place in The Point Bar along with the other flags up on the ceiling.

new flag for point bar sabang puerto galera


Great to have Murata back with a group of divers this week. He’s been a long time friend of ours for more than 30 years!

scuba diving with asia divers puerto galera philippines


Family holidays are super fun when it involves diving. Congratulations to Elspeth, Andrea and Madeleine for doing the PADI Advanced Open Water course. They all had a great time being taught by Pete and enjoying some great fun dives with him along the way.

padi advanced open water diver course el galleon dive resort


Elie is all good to go for his 100th dive.

100 dives puerto galera philippines

The 100th dive for Elie was at The Canyons with Alli, Ally and Sheila. Perfect current, lots and lots of big schools of big fishes and big smiles on everyone’s face.

canyons dive site puerto galera


Congratulations to Lily who also did her 100th dive this week.

another 100 dives at asia divers philippines


E-IDC update

Freediving –  VIP visit by Jean-Pol François (JP) of Freediving Planet…

Jean-Pol Francois freediving planetSabine is back in PG and right away back in the water with Jean-Pol François (aka “JP”), founder of Freediving Planet to introduce him to Asiadivers for some exploration freedives around this area. JP is PADI and AIDA Freediving Instructor Trainer, Judge trainer and organiser of countless national and international freediving competitions – and also holds the national static apnea record of Belgium. It was JP’s first visit to PG and he was quite impressed with the dive sites, the facilities and the team.. So hold your breath for more exciting freediving news… something’s brewing… 😉

freediving puerto galera philippines asia diversJP’s friend Dyna was also visiting PG for the first time and took a few nice underwater pictures during the freedives… and she’s in some of them too.

PADI Career Advancement Opportunities

Visit our updated website for our professional scuba diving courses and your career advancement opportunities: https://asiadivers.com/gopro/

Final call: PADI Instructor Development Course starts on 27thJune

padi instructor course asia divers sabang philippines

Now is the best time to join our 10 days onsite IDC program. If you are a Divemaster with at least 100 logged dives, reserve your space and start right away. RSVP via idc@asiadivers.com

  • STEP 1: Start the eLearning component with PADI by following this link and choosing the “IDC online” option:
  • STEP 2 :The onsite part of the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) here in Puerto Galera starts on 27th June until 6th July with the PADI Instructor Exams on the following 2 days (7th / 8th ).

For more information about PADI Professional levels visit https://asiadivers.com/gopro/

padi idc schedule 2019 asia divers puerto galera


Or follow us on social media via our Instagram and Facebook pages to see what we’ve been up to lately:

That’s all for this week’s blog folks! Catch up with us next week.

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2019 Underwater Photography Workshop is about to kick off!

underwater photography workshop 2019 asia divers resort puerto galera

Join us June 16-23, 2019 for our Photo workshop

There is still time to register for our photo workshop with two very talented underwater photographers, Phil Rudin and Beth Watson.

Photo workshop will include:

  • Hands-on in water mentoring with short slideshow presentations throughout the week
  • Learn about lighting, composition, camera settings, equipment and much more
  • Learn macro and wide angle techniques using fisheye and rectilinear lenses
  • Daily photo critiques, Lightroom and Photoshop editing techniques
  • Learn creative lighting and advanced photography techniques

See details here: https://asiadivers.com/2019-underwater-photography-workshop/

Contact admin@asiadivers.com if you would like to join.

What’s been happening at Asia Divers?

Everyone achieved their goal during this trip to Asia Divers –  Carole: 5000 dives, Leon: 4100 dives, Philip: 2200 dives, Stephanie: 1900 divesThat’s a total of 13200 dives between the four of them and a lot of it done here!! It’s always great to have these guys diving with us. They all have so much experience and such great eyes to spot some pretty amazing stuff.

diving at asia divers puerto galera philippines


Congratulations to Kevin Shipley and Jaydon Beal who both did their OW referral dives to get their PADI Open Water certification and Kevin again went on to do his Advanced Open water course. When it came time to do the night dive, Jaydon, Dad John and friend Andrew Leutheuser did their Adventures in diving night diving so they could all go together. Awesome!

scuba diving with asia divers puerto galera

recreational scuba diving courses puerto galera asia divers


Steve Simpson got a bit bored hanging out and not diving, so he’d decided do a PADI Discover Scuba experience. He did better than he thought he would. I think we got him hooked. Good Job Steve!

discover scuba diving puerto galera philippines

Alli in Grand Turk scouting out a new wreck. She is wondering if she can put it in a big balikbayan box to send it back here…

allison asia divers in grand turk

That’s all for this week folks! See you next time.

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Chinese New Year, UW Photography Workshop & PADI E-IDC Update

asia divers sabang puerto galera blog photography workshop chinese new year

 It’s a fun and very active week around here as it’s the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival. CNY has more than 4,000 years of history and is the longest holiday of the year. The national holiday begins on February 5th and lasts until the 19th.

happy chinese new year 2019


During this time, the world’s largest human migration will take place as hundreds of millions of Chinese people make their way home to celebrate with family. The holiday is also celebrated by millions of people around the world. We’re happy that there are so many folks around here to celebrate the season with in this year’s “Year of the Pig”.

Gong xi fa cai and Kong hei fat Choi to everyone!

What’s been happening at Asia Divers?

giant clams puerto galera asia divers
Nothing like a great dose of vitamin sea to get you going. Peter, Maria, Sunny, Sunman and Joakim are looking forward to doing some critter hunting at the Giant Clams dive site.

500 scuba dives sabang philippines
Time has flow by for Martin, Annette and Mikael on their stay here and now after some excellent dives and good fun with everyone it’s time to say bon voyage. Martin was here for almost one month and happily went home with a new T-shirt for his 500 dives. That’s a lot of time submerged!


mating nudibranch philippines asia divers
Preparing for Valentines day…Romantic Evening …Mating pair of Nembrotha chamberlaini by Sunman Rowe


padi open water scuba course asia divers puerto galera philippines

Big congratulations to Bella, Chris and William Moriaty whom are now certified PADI divers! They did the course at a nice relaxed pace over a couple long weekends and even got some time afterwards to do some fun dives. 

Underwater Photography Workshop – June 16-23, 2019

underwater photography workshop asia divers sabanag philippines


Getting Great Color Underwater ~ The key to getting great color underwater is incorporating artificial light into the scene.  Proper strobe placement is vital.  Get close to your subject, and then get closer.

Come and join our Photo Workshop with Phil Rudin and Beth Watson.

Enhance and fine tune your underwater photography.  Join our workshop June 16-23, 2019 at El Galleon Resort/ Asia Divers. See details here:  or contact instructors@asiadivers.com

PADI E-IDC update

Instructor Internship is in full swing!

padi instructor course asia divers sabang philippines
This week is rather busy here at Asia Divers and we are glad to have several of our previous IDC candidates return to help out as well as gaining more experience teaching courses. While Alex has been just visiting with friends and family, Matt is guiding dives and Kelly is currently busy teaming up with Pete for an Open Water Diver Course with a family of 4. Great opportunity during his instructor internship month to further develop his teaching style and get exposed to many different kind of divers.

Thinking of becoming an instructor? Sign up now for the 10 day IDC on 16th March 2019 . If you are a Divemaster with at least 100 logged dives, prepare yourself now for your next step – the PADI IDC. Reserve your space ASAP via idc@asiadivers.com

That’s all for this week folks!

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British International School scuba students, PADI Specialty polo shirts and Ocean Art 2018 Winners

Asia Divers Puerto Galera Blog Jan 24 2019

Welcome back British International School Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

british international school vietnam scuba students asia divers puerto galera philippines

It was great to have the BIS Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam back here for the 6th year in a row with 17 students and 3 teachers. They all had enjoyed the sunny days and kept busy doing diving courses, enjoying the awesome food, card games at night, shopping ops walking past them on the beach and a very nice visit to a local school.

7 students left here as PADI Open Water divers and 9 earned their PADI AOW and one did PADI Rescue/EFR!

Everyone worked very hard and should be very proud for what they have accomplished. Even two of the teachers did their Nitrox course this week.

Thanks to Daniel Gamwell who organized everything over the past year to make this happen and to Daniel, Sian and Nathan for keeping things smoothly running while they were here. It sure makes our job easy!


PADI Open Water divers asia divers puerto galera
Happy new PADI Open Water divers, Quoc Linh, Ashyle, Abhay with Margaret and Yu.
british international school vietnam scuba students asia divers puerto galera
This PADI Advanced group of nine had three instructors (Elly, Jeremy and Ruben) to show them the ropes and lots of cool stuff this week. Congratulations to Anna, Anna, Natasha, Matthew, Bion, William, Fieke, Rose, Christine.
british international school vietnam padi advanced scuba students asia divers puerto galera
Congrats to Team “Maria” who are all happy new PADI Open Water divers, Yodai, Tina, Jack, and Jia Yu.
british international school vietnam padi rescue diver student asia divers puerto galera
Ratul Mangal moved up the PADI ladder completing his PADI EFR and Rescue courses this week with Pete along with Arthur assisting and being a darn good victim.

Allan’s Great Adventure

alans motorbike adventure

Allan is off on his two month motorcycle adventure around South America. These are the first few scenic photos he has sent us from Chile. We’ll be keeping you up to date on where he is and what he’s up to over the course of this epic trip.


alans motorbike adventure chile


PADI Specialty course Polo shirts

padi dpv and nitrox specialty polo shirts asia divers


padi specialty course polo shirt asia diversWe’re including some funky news polo shirts when you do certain specialty courses with us. Eventually we’ll have all of them covered but for now we have the polo’s for the PADI Enriched Air course and the Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) course.

The “Freddies Specialties” polos are made from high quality material and have some very creative artwork designed by a local artist. On the front is the small “Freddies Specialties “ logo and on the back is the design for the course . You can also purchase these polos in the dive shop, but the best way to get one is to come here and do the specialties with us!

Visit the PADI Specialty Courses page for more info.

Ocean Art 2018 Underwater Photography Winners

ocean art underwater photography winners 2018

The Ocean Art 2018 winners have been announced! This year’s competition was the most competitive year so far. They had the highest number of entrants and witnessed some of the world’s most beautiful underwater images.

Special congratulations to Debbie Wallace who won a 7 night dive package here for her 2nd Place Mirrorless Behavior win, “Schools of Schools”

You can view the winning image(s) here:


You can also check out more of Debbie’s photos at:


That’s all for now folks! Until next week…

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An exciting start to 2019 at Asia Divers

asia divers sabang puerto galera jan 2019 blog

Ocean Dive Supply Online Store

ocean dive supply philippines

The Ocean Dive Supply website is now finished, including the online store. Now you can sit back onyour sofa to do your scuba equipment shopping, and have it delivered within 3 days to your doorstep via LBC Express. 

If you are planning to visit Asia Divers, you can check out the products in the online store, let us know what items you would like, and they will be ready for you at the resort!

Underwater Photography Workshop June 16-23

underwater photography workshop puerto galera asia divers

Thanks so much to Peter Rowlands and www.uwpmag.com for including our Underwater Photo Workshop with Phil Rudin and Beth Watson in the latest issue.

Mike Bartick has a great article on Blackwater Diving and Kate Jonker reviews the Orca Torch as well.  Sign up and download the magazine here: www.uwpmag.com

Come and fine tune your underwater photography. Join our workshop June 16-23, 2019 at El Galleon Resort/ Asia Divers. Details about this great event are here: https://asiadivers.com/2019-underwater-photography-workshop/ or send an email to instructors@asiadivers.com for inquiries/bookings.

What’s been happening at Asia Divers & El Galleon?

El galleon beach resort late afternoon lunch
January 1st 2019…late afternoon. What a yummy start into the New Year… with good friends, cheese, sausage and wine.
discover scuba sabang puerto galera asia divers
Marilyn Pimentel decided to take the plunge again and “Discover scuba”. Hopefully this will lead on to her Open Water course next…

tech dpv diving sabang puerto galera

Roberto Giudici had a fun time here this past week dividing his time between Tech Asia and Asia Divers. With his technical and DPV training he is super ready for his next stop… Chuuk.

point bar sabang puerto galera
Oh and the bell was ringing! This lot decided to celebrate the New Year for a second time… for most of the evening on the 1st. Many bottles, many rings and a few very sheepish looking ladies the next day. All good fun.

Try Freediving at Asia Divers!

padi freediver course puerto galera philippines asia divers

Something new for us at Asia Divers: We’re very excited to announce that we’ll now be teaching the PADI Basic Freediver and the PADI Freediver courses.

Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control. If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you.

Plus it’s a whole new beginning of really cool gear! For more information contact us at instructors@asiadivers.com and see course details on our Freediver Courses page

E-IDC Update: Visit our GoPRO website and find out about Marine Conservation in Puerto Galera

marine conservation in puerto galera philippines

On our new dedicated PADI PRO website you can not only find out more about our Instructor Development Program, and also other interesting information, such as how you can get involved in marine conservation here in Puerto Galera

Visit our Marine Conservation page

Our next PADI IDC starts on 15th January 2019


Get Started!

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Dive Resort Travel Expo, 2019 Events and more!

asia divers drt hong kong 2019

What’s been happening this week at Asia Divers

diver propulsion vehicle asia divers puerto galera

Tony Mulholland had a wicked time with Pete on his DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) trial last week and thought he looked pretty cooll! We think so too Tony. Find out more about the PADI DPV Speciality course.

underwater marriage proposal

Congratulations to Larry Bird and Kris on their engagement. Larry romantically popped the question to Kris underwater on a dive in the Maldives. So sweet, and I guess you can figure out her answer…

700 dives asia divers puerto galera

Congratulations Candyman on getting your 700 dive t-shirt. So glad you did it here with us!

DRT Hong Kong

drt show hong kong 2018If you’re in Hong Kong this coming weekend please come by the DRT SHOW at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Hall 5G.

Alli and Elly will be there promoting Asia Divers and El Galleon at the Philippine Department of Tourism booth. We have some very good dive packages for fun divers and interesting offers for instructors to bring students here to teach their courses.

Dates are: December 14-16. Opening Hours: 12:00 noon – 8:00pm (Friday) 12:00 noon – 8:00pm (Saturday) 12:00 noon – 6:00pm (Sunday)

Asia Divers Events in 2019

We have a couple of very exciting events planned for 2019 at El Galleon and Asia Divers, so if you’re thinking of what to do for your next holiday please see below:

Objectif Atlantide

onjectif atlantide puerto galera philippinesThe new underwater survey organized by Objectif Atlantide in 2019 in the Philippines!

We are proud to be hosting this event in 2019.

Photo Atlantis objective submarine survey April 2019. Registrations are open!

Details are here

You can also visit the Objectif Atlantide Facebook page.

2019 Photo Workshop – Sneak Peek

underwater photography workshop 2019 asia divers puerto galera


Join us June 16-23, 2019 for our Photo workshop with Phil Rudin and Beth Watson. There will be hands on workshops on many different subjects including:

Black Backgrounds : The key is to block out all natural light so only the light reaching the camera sensor is produced by strobes or torches aimed at the subject. Camera settings, strobe positioning, composition and subject location all play a role in achieving a black background. Join us to learn more!

For details please see the 2019 Underwater Photography Workshop page, or contact  instructors@asiadivers.com for inquiries.

News from DEMA, 2019 UW Photography Workshop, and SoCalScuba Group

social scuba dema underwater photography asia divers

SoCalScuba visits Asia Divers

What a great time with SolCalScuba! Lots of fantastic dives in our amazing biodiversity in Puerto Galera with a great group of folks.

socal suba asia divers philippines

We spent a wonderful evening with the gang from SoCalScuba as we celebrated American Thanksgiving with a scrumptious Turkey dinner and all the trimmings prepared by Chef Jamie and his team.

asia divers puerto galera thanksgiving

What has our Divemaster Intern, Elliot been up to this week?

It’s been a busy week with Asia Divers as we enjoyed the company of SoCalScuba from America. Myself and Elly were paired with the PADI Open Water divers in the group. Along with showing them a great time, we focused on improving their air consumption and buoyancy skills. We were able to show them the best of our fantastic reefs and watch them improve over the week. It was sad to see a great group of people leave but I enjoyed being able to watch my group of divers improve each day.

divemaster elliot asia divers puerto galera

I’ve also had the pleasure of a visit from my own dad, who has been desperate to dive this spectacular coast line and make a special visit to Verdi Island. For me to be able to bring him along on the dives and show him why Asia Divers is one of the best dive centres we’ve been to has been very special for us. Only two more weeks until I leave Asia Divers now so I’m trying to finish my amazing time here with as many dives and memories as I can.


2019 Underwater Photography Workshop

underwater photogrpahy worshop 2019 Asia Divers puerto galera

Join us June 16-23, 2019 for our Photo workshop
with Phil Rudin and Beth Watson

Photo workshop will include:

  • Hands-on in water mentoring with short slideshow presentations throughout the week
  • Learn about lighting, composition, camera settings, equipment and much more
  • Learn macro and wide angle techniques using fisheye and rectilinear lenses
  • Daily photo critiques, Lightroom and Photoshop editing techniques
  • Learn creative lighting and advanced photography techniques

Please see all the details here

Contact admin@asiadivers.com if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation.

Asia Divers at DEMA 2018

asia divers dema 2018

Tommy, Alli, Rhuby, and Allan and our favorite jailbird, Danny Dwyer, from PADI at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas having a quick drink before attending the DEMA awards night with the Black and White theme.

dema 2018 asia divers

This year’s DEMA was very successful in terms of catching up with our travel agents and business associates from all over the world, but spending time with some of our great friends made it even more special. With John Comerford, Chona Baret, Sue Goodman, Karen and Ray Hopton. John, Ray and Karen used to spend a lot of time here in the early years and we’re an important part of what we have become today…thank you!

Tommy, Alli, Rhuby, and Allan and our favorite jailbird, Danny Dwyer, from PADI at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas having a quick drink before attending the DEMA awards night with the Black and White theme.

Dive Travel – Dive The Best!

Asia Divers has booked some spots on Discovery Palawan for a 7-day trip to Tubbataha Reefs. The trip is May 16-22, 2019 with 5 days of diving on South and North Tubbataha Reefs.

This is the best diving in the Philippines, don’t think anyone will argue about that. Beautiful walls and reef tops with plenty of corals and of course the pelagics cruising along the wall and out in blue water. In the past trip we have seen plenty of Sharks, Mantas and of course the real highlight, Whalesharks.

Contact instructors@asiadivers.com for more details.

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