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Family Activities at Puerto Galera Beach Resorts

Beach Party BBQ Asia Divers

Puerto Galera was once an exclusive playground for adventure divers and advanced deep-water adventurers. Today, it is much more. The whole family can be included in fun activities, that is if you pick the right beach resort in Puerto Galera!

At El Galleon Dive Resort and Hotel, our tour organizers can’t wait to show you around the northeast of the Oriental Mindoro. It has so much to offer, and it’s a pleasant feeling knowing that our guests are having fun while exploring our home island.

From a river trekking and jungle ziplining to visiting a protected indigenous village, you would need more than a day to experience it all. Let’s check it out!

Tukuran River Trekking

Your destination is a quaint spot with plenty of trees for shade, a cool friendly pool to dip in, and a relaxing view over the Tukuran River. The river is calm and wide, with several mini-waterfalls that cut through a small gorge surrounded by white rocks which you will pass on your way to the spot.

As it’s located an hour from the coastal town of Puerto Galera, you’ll be taking a jeepney ride to your starting point of the trek. You’ll also stop at a few interesting spots along the way – Tamaraw Falls at San Teodoro and the Hanging Bridge giving you a better view of the river.

You can choose to continue the trek on foot for half an hour, or to ride in a cart pulled by a carabao!

Mangyan Village Tour

The Mangyan people are the indigenous people of Mindoro Island, and the particular village that you’ll visit is a preserved village. You can tell by the sign at the thatched wooden gate – “Vehicles are not allowed inside” – that the village is serious about conserving the way of life and its inherited natural appearances.

This village was founded by philanthropist Jaime Zobel de Ayala and his wife Donya Bea in the 90s, and today it provides shelter and sustenance to many Iraya-Mangyan families who have been resettled here.

Although they strictly follow their traditional way of life in many aspects, from constructing houses to finding food, the Mangyan people also generate additional income from selling authentic handwoven and wooden crafts to tourists. You will also find a small museum in the village that displays traditional clothing and kitchenware.

Are you a family of divers? Check out our recreational diving offers for the whole family!

Jungle Zipline

As you swoop down the 610-meter zipline above the jungle canopy, you’re not only exposed to the wind and the sun, but also the wide panorama of the Puerto Galera peninsula.

You’ll instantly feel small as you look at the tall hills and mountains to your left and right, and a rush of adrenaline as you look forward to the tiny marker at the end of the speeding zipline.

A truly breathtaking experience you should definitely try before going back to El Galleon.

Private Beach BBQ

The ideal family picnic takes place on a secluded beach where you receive full privacy to spend the absolute best quality time with your family. Luckily, we know a few places, and everything will be waiting for you there.

Your food will be brought with a barbeque hamper, so choose what you want to grill – beef, chicken, pork, prawns or fish, all available in various forms. And if that’s simply too much to think about, ask our kitchen to put a selection together for you, you won’t be disappointed.

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Of course, it’s impossible to mention all the fun family activities hosted by El Galleon. Why don’t you check them out for yourself? Click here for all recreational activities at Puerto Galera.

Why Stay at a Scuba Diving Resort in Mindoro, Philippines?

On the northern coast of Mindoro Island lies a piece of divers’ heaven called Puerto Galera. The midday sun shines at a gentle 31 degrees Celsius, the water is abundant in sea life, and the beach is spectacular with easy access to exciting historic rainforests.

Puerto Galera diving Philippines

Photo by Beth Watson


Staying at a diving resort in Mindoro’s Puerto Galera will be one of the best ideas you’ll ever have. At El Galleon Dive Resort, you are invited to enjoy your share of this beautiful tropical paradise.

Whether you are just out to try diving for the first time, a seasoned scuba diver, or even somebody who prefers to stay on land, El Galleon has activities for everyone.


The Convenient One-Stop Destination For Divers

Upon reaching Puerto Galera you will be struck with an incredible realization – you are standing at one of the most diverse marine ecosystems. Which means you get to see it all in one place – dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, lionfish, octopuses, manta rays, and macro life that you never even knew existed, all before your eyes. Check out more dive sites!

scuba diving philippines Asia Divers

Photo by Beth Watson


Visit the Boatyard

Love to discover bizarre-looking coastal species that are too shy to swim at the coral reef? Muck diving is available for you to enjoy at the Boatyard. Spot a few of our favorites: velvet ghost pipefish, seahorses, frogfish, and other creepy crawlers.

Jump in the Coral Cove

For divers of all levels, Coral Cove is the perfect ground to do multi-level diving. Here are the locals that you shouldn’t miss: pygmy seahorses, blue-spotted rays, cuttlefish, and the occasional thresher sharks for the lucky few!

Check out today’s scuba diving rates

These are just two out of a dozen sites that are right in front of the diving resort. More adventures await between Medio Island and Paniquian Island on the west-facing side of Puerto Galera’s peninsula.

Secret Reef

It may not be a secret anymore, but it holds a fair share of secrets. The underwater cliff and overhang open up into the open sea, but crawling and swimming closely by the sea wall are schools of batfish, emperors, snappers, and jacks. You may encounter a large lionfish and caves in which barramundi cod live.

Odies Ding Ding

Not to be missed for short-time diving, this shallow but gorgeous high sea wall is perfect for Nitrox diving. Eels and blue triggerfish reside in the holes within the wall, stingrays, tuna, and frogfish can be spotted if you stay long enough.


Enjoy a Meaningful and Educational Summer Vacation!

Our PADI Certified Dive Instructors who guide you through all the different dive sites at Puerto Galera are happy to share their knowledge with you. As long as you are eligible to take the PADI Dive Courses, we will teach you everything we know about diving and the brilliant sites around Mindoro.

Diving is one of the world’s most useful skills that can lead anyone to a decent career. Why not start young and train your child with the diving basics? Our PADI Bubblemaker is a perfect beginner course for children aged 8 years and above, at our resort’s training pool.

For serious adults, you could open up to more diving possibilities with the PADI Open Water Course. Or take diving education even further with the PADI Advanced Open Water courses which come in various branches of specialty scuba diving, including Wreck Diving, Nitrox Diving, Night Diving and more.

Dive deeper in more challenging environments through the PADI Technical Diver Training, and return to the surface like a champion.

Luxury and Adventure, All In One Place

Luxurious rooms, complete facilities and island experiences for those who prefer to stay on land. Don’t miss a chance to visit one of Puerto Galera’s top diving resorts on your next vacation to The Philippines!


作者:潜水教练 师远



或许是去年PG的潜水员们忙活着为长尾鲨剪鱼线、清渔网、禁海钓给它们留下了深刻的印象,今年水温刚一转凉,长尾鲨们就又开始活跃在PG的Kilima潜点。目前全世界发现的长尾鲨共有三种:细尾长尾鲨 (学名A. vulpinus)、大眼长尾鲨 (学名A. superciliosus) 和浅海长尾鲨 (学名A. pelagicus)。细尾长尾鲨分布在北太平洋,沿北美洲及亚洲大陆架。大眼长尾鲨和浅海长尾鲨则分布在较暖的中西太平洋。常在PG溜达的就是其中的浅海长尾鲨。


有关浅海长尾鲨的描述最早见于日本鱼类学家中村拓志在1935年发表的题为《来自中国台湾水域的两种长尾鲨》的论文中,其有效学名为Alopias pelagicus Nakamura, 1935。属名Alopias源自希腊语alopex,意为;种名Pelagicus源自希腊语pelagios,意为海洋。如果你翻查文献,还会发现另外两个学名:Alopias vulpinus Bonnaterre, 1788和Alopias superciliosusus Lowe, 1841,不过这些都是对浅海长尾鲨的误认。
























Florida Museum

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Romero-Caicedo, A., Galvan-Magana, F. and Martinez-Ortiz, J. (2014). Reproduction of the pelagic thresher shark Alopias pelagicus in the equatorial Pacific.

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Our PADI Diving Courses in Puerto Galera

Asia Divers Puerto Galera

The founders of Asia Divers had been one of the first to operate in Puerto Galera since the golden age of scuba diving in Mindoro – this was 30 years ago when the cove was exclusively an advanced divers’ playground.

Today, Asia Divers’ PADI diving courses welcome everyone from all backgrounds, skills, and ages to come and enjoy a piece of Puerto Galera’s incredible marine biodiversity and beautiful coastlines. We have prepared dozens of courses that will fit your needs – from absolute beginner to pro-diver looking to develop your career in the diving industry.

This article will cover the majority of diving courses that we offer, in which students are all under the supervision and training of Certified PADI Instructors.

Beginner Courses – Getting In The Water

A great part of scuba diving is trust. You must trust your instructors and follow their leadership; you must trust your equipment after you’ve checked it, but most importantly, you must trust yourself that you can operate the equipment properly and make low-risk decisions throughout the session.

Valuable lessons can be learned even as a beginner in the PADI Recreational Courses.

PADI courses for beginner diving in philippines

PADI Skin Diver

For children 8 years and above, the Skin Diver course is valuable to build trust and comfort with the underwater environment – think about the time when you first became confident enough to free dive in the deeper part of the swimming pool.

PADI Bubble Maker

Bubble Maker is the course where your child can become accustomed to the diving gear and breathing underwater. This early training is excellent to develop interest in scuba diving later on.

Book PADI Skin Diver and PADI Bubble Maker here.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving is for those who have always wanted to try scuba diving at least once in their lives, but aren’t sure about making a commitment to the full PADI Open Water course with a globally-recognized certificate.

PADI Scuba Diver

Another option is to take the PADI Scuba Diver course, which is part of the full PADI Open Water training. If you do well in this 2-day course, at the dive instructor’s discretion, you may credit (upgrade) this towards full certification later on.

Book PADI Discover Scuba Diving and PADI Scuba Diver here.

PADI Open Water Diver

Get your scuba diving certification with the PADI Open Water Diver course – the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course. Millions of people have learned to scuba dive and gone on to discover the wonders of the aquatic world through this course.

Book PADI Open Water Diver here.


Advanced Courses – For Serious Diving Business

The college equivalent to the PADI Open Water Diver course is the PADI Adventure Diver course. Learn skills in greater depth. You can opt for several course variations in this particular certification – from Rescue Diver and Emergency Transponders to becoming a Divemaster (minimum age of 18 years).

Book PADI Adventure Diver here.

PADI Specialty courses Philippines

When your roots are solid, and you want to train for specialized styles of diving, you can do so with the PADI Specialty Courses as listed below:

  1. Intro to Nitrox
  2. Enriched Air Nitrox
  3. Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver
  4. Surface Marker Buoy Diver
  5. Drift Diver
  6. Deep Diver
  7. Naturalist Diver
  8. Dive Against Debris
  9. Equipment Specialist
  10. Multilevel Diver
  11. PADI Digital Underwater Photography
  12. PADI Night Diving
  13. PADI Navigation Diver


Why Us?

PADI training Puerto galera diving

Our principle is to provide comfortable and quality training. Our on-land training facility is spacious and modern. We have a private pier to allow safe passage between boat and land. We own a dedicated photography room and rinse tank for photographers.

In addition, our training is rigorous and complete, with no shortcuts. Our small-group classes ensure that proper attention is given to each student. A language barrier will not be a problem as we have instructors who speak English, Tagalog, German, Swedish, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Completeness of training is the key to success, and we want to ensure that our students receive the best diving education to further their careers, in addition to the fun experience of exploring the underwater world.

Summer has arrived!

March views from El Galleon aren’t too hard take! Looking for somewhere to spend your Easter holiday?? Contact us for your escape to paradise at

Our beachfront resort in Puerto Galera offers convenient valet diving with dives sites only minutes away from the resort.  We have everything you need to get a good rest, relieve all of your stress and spend time with family and friends.  El Galleon resort has a seafront restaurant with an international menu that will keep you wanting to come back for more. You might even want to indulge in our soothing outdoor spa which offers massages and other spa services. Whether you want to relax all day by the pool, scuba dive or do some sightseeing El Galleon and Asia Divers in the Philippines can satisfy your holiday cravings.

On and Off the road again…

Here are a few photos from Allan and Tommy’s recent trip to Australia. Things didn’t quite turn out as planned and Allan is a bit delayed to come home due to a slight encounter with a tree. Some the photos here might look quite concerning, but don’t worry, he is doing very well now and should be back home very soon… he can get ready for his next adventure!!

The rescue team got together with him recently to give him a nice little reminder of their special time together. Notice how the motorcycle is sitting in the box and notice in the above photo of the way it’s positioned on the tree in the earlier photo.

Asia Divers & El Galleon: Your One Stop Dive Resort in Puerto Galera

Asia Divers Puerto Galera El Galleon Philippines

Are you planning your summer vacation in The Philippines? If you ask us, we recommend Mindoro Island, specifically the seaside town of Puerto Galera. Have a quick Google Image search and look at the first images – the beauty of the region is not exaggerated!

Of course, the next question would be, “Where should I stay?”

If you believe that luxury and diving adventure can be fused into a one of a kind summer vacation for you and your family, then you should check out El Galleon Dive Resort, the resort for Asia Divers.


What Exactly Can I Do at Asia Divers & El Galleon Dive Resort?

Convenient diving, getting a good rest and meeting all your holiday needs at once…

Diving can be miserable sometimes. We’ve had our fair share of bad weather, waiting in long queues for annual equipment maintenance, and getting hungry between dives.

Before El Galleon Dive Resort, our team of PADI Instructors and dive guides had to endure these bad days. But when the dive resort was completed, there was no reason to go on a sea adventure without a little bit of luxury and convenience.


How El Galleon Dive Resort Makes Diving More Enjoyable

PADI courses Asia Divers Philippines

What was missing back in the day was a modern dive facility close to the dive sites. Everything used to be delivered from Batangas, the closest big city, an hour away by boat.

Now that the dive facility is located near all the beautiful natural underwater features, it takes no time at all to set up, travels to the site, dive, comes back to rest, and repeat this cycle.


Unthinkable Inconveniences Now Eliminated

The world’s best divers don’t care about inconveniences. But most of us are not like them, and it helps to increase the enjoyment of diving when some pain points are eliminated.

  • Camera room for underwater photographers

A dedicated camera room is available at our facility. We understand that underwater photography requires practice and prompt feedback. Once your photos have been processed, you can quickly learn what to do differently on your next dive the following day.

  • Private dock

Getting on and off the boat is easy with a dock. No more carrying your equipment high above your waist as you tread the rocky shallows.

  • Brand new equipment

We have experienced the anxiety of using second-hand equipment at local dive shops. Fortunately, all the equipment at Asia Divers is new. How is that possible? Asia Divers is also a distributor, so you can dive in peace knowing that the equipment is still high quality.

  • And much more!

Learn more about what you will find in El Galleon by going to the dedicated webpage.

We can’t wait to show you around Puerto Galera, both on land and in the sea. It’s a wonderful holiday destination worthy of consideration. Check out all the cool sights to see and things to do by going to our recreations page.

Look who’s back

Andy Xie got a very nice video of our elusive friend the Paddleflap Rhinopia which we hope will be sticking around for a while. Check it out on our Facebook page. We haven’t seen it in a long time, but now we know where to find him….ish!

The Rhinopia is apparently is quite site specific, remaining in the same area, or even spot, for long periods of time (e.g., weeks or even months). These fish rarely swim, but move about by crutching along the bottom on their pectoral and pelvic fins. When hunting they remain motionless and wait for their prey to approach within striking distance or they slowly stalk their quarry. When they get close enough to their prey the Rhinopias will lunge forward and suck in its victim. Although the mouth does not look very capacious, they can ingest relatively large prey items. Rhinopias will also rock forward and backward in order to mimic a piece of debris sitting on the bottom. This species is known to shed its cuticle, or the outer epidermal layer (skin). This is a normal process that helps rid the animal’s body of algae, parasites or encrusting organisms.



We have space booked for 6 divers at Manta Ray Bay Resort in Yap for a week of some big stuff diving including Sharks and of course the Mantas rays. Manta Ray Bay Resort is a very comfortable and relaxed place at the waterfront of the wonderful island of Yap. With the dive centre located in the resort diving is as easy as the diving at El Galleon and Asia Divers. The dates are July 18-24 and we will arrive Saturday night on the United flights from Guam and returning Friday night back home. Sunday to Thursday we will do the best dive sites of Yap.

Yap are of course famous for the Manta Ray dives but have also have some spectacular Shark dives, Schools of Barracudas, Eagle Rays, Humphead Parrot fish just to mention some. The price for the week will be $1728.00 per person. Included in the price is transfer from Yap airport return, share accommodation with breakfast in Manta Ray Bay Resort, we have 3 dives a day in Yap with pack lunch for 5 days. Flight to Yap is not included but we can give assistance with this.

Please contact Tommy at if you are interested to join the trip.


Maldives on Ocean Divine

Tommy has been with a group to the Maldives, again on the very nice live-aboard yacht Ocean Divine and here is his report. This is the third time Asia Divers have a week trip on Ocean Divine around the Ari atoll. The idea with the trip was the celebrate Kenneth Svennerlind’s upcoming 50th birthday like with did with his 40th 10 years back in Fiji.

Gorgeous mantas by Emma Mconnell

As usual Maldives kept up to the expectation with great diving from the start of the check-up dive until the last dive on the famous Fish Head site. Xanath and Pablo, our guides took well care of Kenneth Svennerlind & Ali Pockett, Johan & Maria Lyrevik, Suzi Denton, Emma McConnell, BJ Schaap, Micke Andersson, Jan-Ove Svennerlind, Chris Stephenson and Kevin Wills.


Lots of good diving with a few really great highlights, the Nurse shark dive at Alinatha Jetty, the two shark dives at Delana and Miyaru with lots of Grey Reef sharks up close in the strong current. The Manta dives at Moofushi where the Manta’s was swimming around the cleaning station for two entire dives. The first Manta dive started with a Great Hammerhead hunting a Whitetip shark but aborted when it almost swam into Emma who never saw the shark. It passed by close to me with quite some speed it still had from the hunt. Nothing else than impressive. None of the many Whitetip sharks went back to rest on the bottom, all stayed closed to us at the cleaning station, guess we were considered less treat than the 3 meter Hammerhead. Finished the trip at Fish Head site where you can see everything all in one dive site, brilliant.

Types of Scuba Diving Certifications and What You Can Do with Them

Scuba Diving Certifications

You’ve probably heard of scuba diving certifications before, whether or not you’re aware of their purpose or not. Those certifications aren’t just for show. They’re used as a way to measure the capacity of an individual, and whether or not they can safely control themselves to certain depths as dictated on the certification.

With that said, there are many scuba diving certifications out there, each one serving a different purpose and measuring different water skills for the divers who take them. In this article, we’ll briefly cover what those scuba diving certifications entail and what you can do with them.

Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diver certification by PADI is one of the most common and popular scuba diving certifications for recreational purposes. It is an essential course that opens the path to other more advanced courses for divers. The Open Water Diver course teaches the fundamentals of how to safely manage yourself, as well as your equipment underwater. With this certification, you will be allowed to dive in open waters up to a depth of 18 meters.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver is a course that takes the previous certification to the next level. Participants will need to have taken the Open Water Diver first as a prerequisite to taking this course. Once completed, divers will have their depth limit increased from 18 meters as certified by the Open Water Diver to a deeper 30 meters. This course will again include theory learning as well as practical training, that will both be subject to assessment by the dive instructor.

Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course educates divers about essential emergency rescue protocols, safety skills and how to manage a crisis situation underwater. This is another essential certification that many divers opt to take due to the valuable, lifelong skills that are offered in this course.


Divemaster is the course where divers refine and hone in their water skills to a professional standard. In fact, for many diving associations such as PADI and SSI, the Divemaster is considered to be the first professional rating. This course also puts an emphasis on building the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to lead and supervise a diving team. Participants of Divemaster courses often intend to become professional divers or are on the way to become dive instructors.

These are just some of the most common scuba diving certifications out there. Some of these serve as the foundation of all scuba divers such as the Open Water Diver and are mandatory to take before advancing into more technical water skills.

Do these scuba diving certifications sound familiar to you? If you’re a frequent diver, it would be wise to invest in yourself and learn the water skills and knowledge offered in these courses. Not only will they increase your confidence as a diver, you’ll also have more opportunities to access dive sites that are deeper and more exotic in the future!

Learn more about scuba diving courses with us at Asia Divers.

Benefits of Freediving for Your Health

Benefits Freediving

Freediving is a sport that opens a pathway to many abilities that elevate our mind and body. It’s a sport that plunges us into the very depths of the ocean with nothing but our mind and body. Immersing ourselves in an environment that is not in our element allows our bodies to adapt in ways that benefit our health and overall wellbeing.

Relieves Stress

A skill that all freedivers must master is being able to dedicate their focus and attention to slow down their heart rate and manage their breathing. By focusing on the present situation, your anxieties and problems seemingly dissolve – you might even discover new ways to see those problems, from a different perspective, quite literally.

More Aware of Our Wellbeing

Freediving involves carefully managing your energy, your mind, and your body. Every small movement matters when you’re underwater. Therefore, you develop a sensitivity and awareness of your mind and body, as well as knowing what your body is truly capable of. Additionally, you’ll also develop confidence in yourself and increase mental clarity as you focus only on your body and surroundings, melting away all your worries.

Opportunity to See Marine Life

With freediving, you’ll be able to witness marine life truly in their natural habitats. Since it’s just you, without any scuba diving equipment, the experience will be more intimate and genuine. Marine life will also be less likely to get startled since you’ll blend right in with the environment.

Enhances Blood Oxygen Management

The human body is incredibly adept at making changes to our environment. The more frequent you freedive, the more efficient your body will become at using oxygen. Freedivers are taught a natural reflex found in all mammals known as the mammalian dive reflex. This reflex is a physiological response that engages when our bodies are submerged underwater. Three changes occur, first it slows the heart rate down by 10%-30%, then narrows the blood vessels to ensure vital organs receive enough oxygen, and during deeper dives, the spleen also releases extra blood cells to protect the body from the increased water pressure surrounding our bodies.

To conclude, what did you think of the health benefits of freediving? As you can tell, there are real tangible benefits for freedivers. Are you ready to take the plunge? Reach out to us at Asia Divers, and we’ll help you take the first step on your journey to dive and explore the ocean.

Double birthday celebrations!

It’s been quite the weekend for birthday celebrations around here, starting off with Chuck Dreyfus hash run on Saturday to celebrate his 65th birthday. Chuck had a large turnout including many of us from El Gal and Asia Divers who rarely venture out on these events. Happening the same evening was a family birthday dinner in the resort for Malcolm Ward who is here for his 60th birthday, than on Sunday Malcolm and Amy hosted a cozy birthday party in the Point. On Monday, Chuck had his official birthday party on the platform. It was so nice to have everyone together including some of Chuck’s friends who came from overseas, many of the staff from here, lots of his hash friends and several other folks who live here or are on their holiday here. The party included lots of fun, booze, fantastic food from our kitchen, a very big roasted pig and a live band to keep everyone entertained. Thank you to Chuck and Malcolm for a weekend full of fun and frolicking!

If you would like to book your birthday party, wedding reception or any special event here please contact us so we can fill you in on all of the details. We have a wonderful beachfront resort to host your special event.

Chucks very cool Hash shirts were given out to everyone who participated on the run.

Many well wishers at the “On On” for Chucks birthday Hash Run.

Malcolm is preparing for his birthday dinner…

Family and friends celebrating with Malcolm….Thanks for a great party!

Dwight, Sue and Chuck…party time!

What’s been happening this week

Lars and Betsy Nagel proudly showed off their AOW certifications after completing PADI Open Water course and Advanced courses with Arthur. Lars and Betsy had done eLearning at home prior to their arrival so that they could spend more time in the ocean enjoying all the colorful reefs and exquisite marine life that Puerto Galera has to offer. You can join us here in Puerto Galera to get your PADI certification in a beautiful location in the Philippines.

Katja is back again after a 6 year break. Katja did her Divemaster course with us in 1999 and has been back a few times since then, but her last visit was in 2014. This time she spent time with Sam at Tech Asia doing Trimix course. The wonderful thing about scuba diving is the people that you can meet from all over the world who share the same passion as yourself.

Love is in the air!

The guys in the dive shop got into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Wedding plans for Maria and Jamie are well underway now for the March wedding.

Valentine’s Day dinner at El Gal was very yummy and romantic with over 25 people joining it. El Galleon’s restaurant has been keeping tummies happy for more than 30 years. With our killer waterfront view you can’t ask for a better location to enjoy a meal.